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Motoroids caught up with the ‘xKMPH’ group on the biking trail. Here’s all the important information about this biking club.

Q) When and where was the club formed?

A) was founded in the month of March 2007. The Community was formed as an all India club by bikers from all across the country. While the club has members from various cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, etc, it’s still administrated from Siliguri.

Q) How often do members meet up?

A) All active members who are willing to meet offline plan up a get together (GTG) and meet at least once a month.

Q) Which aspect of riding is the group more into?

A) The group started as a general biking community but the group has recently started organizing activities like road trips and stunting.

Q) What distinguishes this biking group from others?

A) The club doesn’t subscribe to any specific ideology, everyone is welcome. We believe in discussing things online and riding offline. xKmph is a mixture of both web technology and the joys of riding and stunting in the real world.

Q) How many riders are associated with the group currently?

A) There are more than 4500 online enthusiast bikers and more than 500 offline members.

Q) Do the members have any common hangout zones?

A) Well there are no special spots where the bikers meet. We plan and meet based on everyone’s convenience.

Q) Where is one most likely to see the group in action?

A) Delhi, Chennai, Siliguri, Sikkim and Bhutan

Q) Is there any biking hierarchy within the group?

A) We treat everyone equally. We have a moderator in different cities to look after the online/offline activities.

Q) Are there any requisites to joining the group?

A) Yes, you need to be a motorcycle enthusiast and need to wear proper riding gear (at least a full-face helmet) during offline meets.

If you are interested in joining this group, drop in a mail to [email protected]

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