Gear review : Amit’s KBC Californian helmet

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The KBC Californian has been with me for more than about a year now, and has managed to impress me by exhibiting its virtues in quite a few areas. Air cirulation vents, for one, positioned on top of the helmet really work well during rainy weather and help clear the fog up very efficiently. I don’t have any major complaints about the visor either, but I have seen and worn helmets that offer better visor  life, and scratch resistance at a lesser price. The helmet fit me perfecly when it was new. Over time, however the foam has compressed a wee bit and the helmet tends to fall a bit towards the front. That’s a problem while doing top speed runs as you have to be properly tucked in behind the fairing of the bike you are testing, and the part of the helmet above the visor tends to obscure the vision a bit by falling down. Wind noise insulation is generally good at high speeds, but helmets in this price bracket are expected to perform better in that department.

The quality of paint and lacre finish is immaculate though. All the moving parts of the helmet have been working fine and nothing has fallen off or broken yet. I am happy with the helmet, though I think a size smaller would have suited me better.


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