Happy first birthday Motoroids!


Hi everyone,
Its been one full year since we launched our full-fledged website. It’s been a tough journey for all of us, trying to create an identity for ourselves in a space which is cluttered with auto blogs, forums and buy-sell portals. However, we always believed that we had a character of our own and were committed to doing things our own way, and we would like to assume that we have been partly successful in providing the auto enthusiasts a flavour of the automotive action in a manner which is different from most other blogs / sites. We have been marred by a lack of funds all this while and are still struggling, but things seem to be falling in place finally with surging footfall. We are sure we’ll be able to get past the financial hurdles very soon, and then, you shall see the true character of Motoroids – wild, crazy and free!

We are thankful to our readers who have remained loyal to Motoroids and have always inspired us to do better things. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the senior members and moderators who have stuck with Motoroids through the bad times and continue to do so. I would specifically like to mention Razor (Gopinath), Satyen Poojary, Avin Richards, Sheel Priye, Dr. Arnob Gupta, Venkata Shyam, Harkamal Singh, Sagar Sheldekar, Navendu Singh, Praveen Sathaye, Joy Sharma, Dhairya Gupta, Meghan Naik, Thilak Rao and Prabhakar Rao for supporting Motoroids during its worst times. I would also like to thank all our members who have brought this website and this forum to life with their informative and insightful posts.

Here’s a video depicting our time at Motoroids in the past one year. We have dedicated it to the spirit of freedom. Let us know if you like it, and share it with others if you love it.


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