Ben ‘The Stig’ Collins switching to Fifth Gear?

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A few years back, when BBC decided to stop airing the old format TopGear, some of its presenters namely Tiff Needell, Quentin Wilson and Vicki Butler Henderson moved to Channel Five and new show, known to us as the Fifthgear came to life.

‘History repeats itself’, and it indeed has . Ben Collins, who used to be THE STIG on BBC’s TopGear has moved to Channel Five. After being slacked by the BBC bosses and being called ‘greedy’ by none other than Mr. Clarkson himself, the former Stig has got  another chance of doing what he loves to, without the white suit though.

Ben Collins released an autobiography in  which he revealed one of the best kept secrets. As a consequence, the bosses at BBC and the 3 blokes who host the show were quite angry with him and thus they showed him the door, but Topgear’s loss was destined to be Fifthgear’s gain. So with Fifth gear appointing him we will be able see Mr. Stig race against Tiff Needell. Wasn’t that what most of us wanted to see?

Stay tuned for more updates. The next season of Fifthgear starts this October. We aren’t sure about Ben coming this season but U can find Karun Chandhok in one of the episodes.

Fasten your seat belts, or should I say couch belts because there is lots of sideways action going to happen on the Telly.

Who the hell said that TV is boring?

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  • Kamikaze says:

    Great Initiative! I had read about it in newspapers but joined the community of DTP on FB today only. Be ready for your pics to be posted on FB, traffic law violators! I have my camera ON!