Ford India Discover Smart drive: Dinesh and Rekha’s experience

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Dinesh and Rekha Slathia are a young recently-married couple, who drove the 50,000th Ford Figo from Chandigarh to Jaipur in the Ford Figo Discover Smart Drive in October 2010. Two weeks ago, they drove the Figo in the regional Discover Smart Drive’s north leg (Jammu to Chandigarh). They share their experiences with Motoroids in this candid post.

We never thought that a drive would mark our first wedding anniversary. But when we drove the Figo in the first Discover Smart Drive last October, it turned out to be a special journey. And this time we started our Figo drive from our home town Jammu, and with the blessings of Mata Vaishnodevi.

Driving the Figo was a wonderful experience, and we made the most of the car’s amazing power and high-speed ride handling. Both our journeys with Figo have been unforgettable experiences, but this time we went off the beaten track. Armed with suggestions from Figo’s Facebook fans, we had a picnic in the open fields of Punjab and a rustic brunch of parathas on the bonnet!

And how can we forget the other fun things we did: boot-lit dessert (really!), a tractor ride and a tiger safari at Ludhiana zoo. We always thought you need to visit Sariska or Corbett park to see tigers roaming freely, but were pleasantly surprised to see them in the open as we watched them from the jeep.

Dinesh and Rekha Slathia Ford Discover smart drive

Besides some spots of shopping, market visits and sightseeing, we also got a chance to reach out to the cities we visited—through radio! As we’d drive into a city, we’d hear a teaser or preview of our upcoming interview on BIG 92.7 FM. So we met several radio jockeys and enjoyed “talking” to people via the air waves. We felt we were part of the city.

We loved both the drives, and we’d love to do more of these!
Rekha on why Ford Figo is a great car for women:
I love the Ford Figo because it’s very comfortable—for a passenger and a driver. It’s difficult to say one or two things I love most about the car, because it’s got plenty of smart features. I especially like the power saver feature that shuts off the cabin light automatically after a while and the auto-lock feature when you cross 7 kmph. Dinesh and I carried a lot of luggage on both our Figo trips, and the boot space was able to carry all of it. In fact, even other members of the team put their bags in our car without a space crunch! And hey, listening to music in the Figo is a real pleasure.

Dinesh on why Ford Figo is a great car for guys:
I love that the Figo is sturdy, even at high speeds and on the highway. Rekha and I drove a tractor on a rough road as part of the drive experience and we were surprised that the Figo handled the same terrain! And when we drove the Figo late night we used the headlights and found them pretty strong and effective. Everything was clearly visible. Once you’re in the car, you feel safe and secure thanks to the build. It’s also got great leg room and head room, which is wonderful for tall people and especially those wearing turbans. On a personal note, the Bluetooth makes my life easier, as I can attend important work-related calls (my phone rings every 10-15 minutes).

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