Five questions you’d like to ask the czars of auto industry in 2011


Year 2010 has gone by, and it was nothing short of spectacular as regards the incredible number of launches and sales that we witnessed. However, there were a few not-so-nice things which accompanied the spectacle. For e.g. Hero and Honda parted ways, the Nano caught fire at will and TVS never came out with their much awaited 250. These are just some of the unpleasant things that I could remember. I am sure you have your own grouses, and you would want to ask some tough questions to the Auto Czars. I am listing down my 5 questions here. Request you to put down yours as well in the comments section, for they may just get answered – you never know! Here we go…

1. For Shinzo Nakanishi, MD & CEO, MSIL –  First and foremost, congratulations for being able to protect the company’s market share with violent attacks from all corners. And secondly – what’s MSIL’s secret?

2. Mr Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Motors – Why do we still face quality, reliability and refinement issues with Tata vehicles. Why, even with better access technology and processes than anyone else in the business, Tata vehicles are considered a ‘class apart’. By when should we be able to see the stringent processes and practices followed by your international brands being employed to the cars rolling out of Tata Motors stable. We would really love to find pride in Tata cars, just the way the Japanese do in Toyota / Honda, or the Germans do in VW. Please let us know what stops this company from creating truely world class small cars?

3. Dr John Chacko, President, VW Group India – You have fabulously well engineered products. The price of a new VW group car (Skodas included) is reasonably higher than other brands, which is understandable to an extent. However, why is the price of VW and Skoda spares so obscenely high. What is VW group doing to bring it down?

4. Venu Srinivasan, Chairman, MD, TVS Motors – Sir, your company brings hope to us auto aficionados. Why the delays then? Why do those fabulous concepts never make it to the showrooms. A true-blue performance bike, engineered in India, with an affordable price tag – please deliver it to us. For we know, if you wont, no one else in India will.

5. Takashi Nagai, President & CEO, Honda Siel – Yes, we Indians love that H badge sitting pretty on the grille of our cars. But having said that, we also know that we pay through our nose to drive home a car with one. Better pricing for your machines in India, please?

Do post in your questions too, just be a little careful about the tone and language of your queries though.


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