DC Design does up a Maruti Swift

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DC Design Maruti Swift (1)

DC Design is at it again. This time they went to work on the popular Maruti Swift hatchback, and came away with a host of cosmetic upgrades inside as well as outside.

DC Design Maruti Swift (5)

The front fascia goes under the scalpel and results in the typical DC “Look – At – Me” stuff. The grille now has a thick, single slat running across it bearing the DC logo, while the air-dam has grown. A blue strip tries to give some visual relief. Jeweling up the front are new, circular fog lamps and integrated LED lights which are positioned below the head lamps – which remain stock.

DC Design Maruti Swift (3)

The rear bumper is new as well, and just gets a gaping intake running along its entire length, bordered in blue. Oh, and there’s a new spoiler too.

DC Design Maruti Swift (4)

There’ some more blue on the side skirts too!

DC Design Maruti Swift (2)

You’ll have a tough time getting rid of stains inside.

Whitewash – Inside, the lower half of the dashboard, horn-pad and door pads are all eerily whitewashed, with a splattering of red lamination inserts here and there. Even the seats have been re-upholstered in white, barring the head rests, which are done up in – you guessed it -red.

DC Design Maruti Swift (6)

We could spot new carpets too, till our eyes got blinded with all the snow.

Mechanical changes are non-existent. Loved it? Loathed it? Blurt it out in the comments section below

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  • NecroMancer says:

    WTF is worng with DC.. Eeeksss it sucks… Already it looks ugly u made it worse..

  • Carlover says:

    I was about to vomit looking at the rear bumper.

  • anslem says:

    The perfect mid receipe: Take one of India’s favorite car,make some stupid holes on the sides,throw in a lot of white dashboard glare to kill the driver instantly during sunny days.Put some LEDs and voila u have a custom job.
    Dilip Chabria or Delete Chabria u decide

  • anslem says:

    First it was the thar, now making the swift ugly.This guy is really in the wrong business.He just got a name.Its surprising to see what kinda people work for this dude.How do these designs get approved.DC ..pal it’s high time u rest in peace.Grandpapas don’t modify cars these days.They just sit back and enjoy old age.

  • Guruprasad says:

    looks like a 20th century product 😀