Car Detailing: Why your car needs it

The second most expensive purchase after your house is your car. Car detailing ensures it remains as good and valuable as new till the time you retain it.

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Did it ever strike you, the amount of time you spend in your car makes it as good as your second home, especially with the ever increasing traffic jams, it might as well become your primary residence someday. While your home interiors are cleaned, dusted, vacuumed almost everyday, what exactly do we do to sanitize the car? Ask the watchman to wash the exteriors with a piece of rag, or maybe if your love is deeper, probably take it to a washing station and give it a shine on the surface.  Little pieces of potato chips which fall from the bag, all the hair-fall causing your hairline to recede, your dead skin and every other such rubbish stays inside as you drive your gleaming pride and joy around.

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Being a long weekend, after reading this, you might run to your car, armed with dish-washer scrub, some detergent, a rag and maybe a shot-gun if there is little roach in your car who has now become your friend and has a name too, maybe ‘Pyaare’. Now, what if Pyaare suddenly feels like saying hello and pops out behind the vanity mirror, when your woman wants to admire her new hair-cut. Not just this, you might be wanting to sell your car which might look mechanically sound, but buyers get turned off, as one look on the inside makes it look older than it actually is, while the unavoidable scratches and exposure to elements over the years has taken its toll  on the outside.


This is where Car detailing takes over. It involves a thorough cleaning and restoring process, which uses professional grade products to ensure your car looks and feels as good as new till the time you retain it. A professional detailing job can roll the days back and transform your existing car into its former brand new state. Detailing ensures your car is clean, sparkling as new and beautiful not just on the surface, but also skin deep.

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So what does detailing involve and who does it? There are many providers out there these days who use professional grade products to try and bring your car back to it’s former glory. They use sealants to protect the paint from the harsh elements of nature it faces everyday. Modern techniques are involved to remove scratches (Depends on type of scratch and colour of your car), while the use of steam at a controlled pressure and temperature, combined with the usage of special purpose cleaning agents, ensures your car is free from bad odour, dust, bacteria, stains, or even fungus, which could be the reason for your aggravated allergy.


We spoke to Mr Jehangir Randeria, a veteran in the business whose clientele includes famous personalities and their seriously premium cars, as well as an office going executive who owns a small hatchback. He says, “The second most expensive purchase you make after your house is your car. It is no longer just a tool one uses to travel from point A to B, but an extension of your life. Regular detailing ensures the car looks and feels as good as new. When its time for the car to be replaced, it looks like it has been well looked after and speaks volumes about the owners love for his set of wheels, which also funnels down to good resale value.”

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We’d suggest if you have already decided to get your car detailed, ensure you avail the services of professionals who have been in the business for long and use quality products coupled with modern techniques.

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  • Sugu says:

    Good review. Yes detailing is very important for maintaining your car spik and shine.

    In Bangalore I have been to 3m for detailing they do a good job.
    But later I found a much better place where do a superior detailing job also have a special paint protecting nano coat. I got it done for my Honda city and I can see my black beauty gleaming shining. As per my experience carecareindia does a much superior detailing job and they charge less as well when compared to 3m.

    Note : I am just sharing the above info in the good interest of other auto enthusiasts , I am not associated with 3m or carcareindia in any way.