VIDEO: LightMode Motorcycle Helmets modification – A true head turner

LightMode Motorcycle Helmets modification increases your visibility during night rides. Check out the details, images and video here.

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Many motorcyclists in India use a safety helmet just to save penalty from traffic cops. The situation was so bad at times that motorcyclists would use a construction site helmet while riding their motorcycle. But then there are people who prefer to use helmets for safety. With new helmets, the safety aspect comes in with style. People are willing to pay thousands for rupees for international brands of helmets which are not only safer but also look appealing. And here is an add-on that would transform your helmet into a true hear turner.


A company named LightMode has created a permanent helmet modification that surrounds your helmet with electroluminescent (EL) materials. The modification helps riders become more visible at night. This helmet modifications comes with a controller loaded with three modes: constant glow, blink and off. The controller can be mounted at the right side of the helmet via the space between the shell and the padding or via a curved adhesive mount. The EL components are fixed to the helmet using a super strong glue and a chemical accelerator. This ensures that the components do not come off with time.

The LightMode modification is a usable component as it increases the visibility of a rider during night rides. Now, one can argue that you can put reflective stickers on the helmet. But the reflective stickers need some sort of external light to reflect. The LightMode on the other hand works on two AA batteries. You can also use 2000 mAh NiMH rechargeables for an operational time of upto 13 hours.

Here is the video of the LightMode Helmet modification in action:

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Source: LightMode Helmets via Kick Starter

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