Video: 2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria concept

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The name of this concept car may confuse you, and annoy the officials at Tata Motors, but in reality it’s an innocuous and rather exceptional design study by Slavche Tenevski, a design student at Munich University of Applied Sciences. The Aria, or the “Swan Wing” concept is a stunning design, suggesting what an electrically driven Mercedes-Benz car may look like in the year 2030. Somewhat like the iconic Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, this concept also redefines how the doors of a car should look and operate like – resembling the wings of a swan.

It’s quite a commendable piece of design we must say. Highly detailed, and extremely artistic in its approach, the Aria concept has taken inspiration from elements like Roman Warriors’ helmets, wings of swan to musical instruments. The video has been made exceptionally well too, walking the viewers through the philosophy behind the design in its entirety. The video is a must watch for those of you who are interested in automotive design.

Source: Slavche Tanevski

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