Bajaj Discover 100M Review, Specifications, Price, Pics and other Details

Bajaj Discover 100M Review Pics Specs  (106)

The new Bajaj Discover 100M is the latest addition to BAL’s large and decidedly lethal model arsenal. Launched with a powerful tagline that reads- ‘Mileage ka naya satya!’, the latest Disco is looking all set to re-write the rules of the commuter-end bike market.

We rode the new bike soon after its launch and found ourselves longing to spend more time with the new kid on the block! Nothing surprising, for there is now a 100cc bike that has almost as much power as the players in a segment above, comes with a host of features, is aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, has a price tag that must have set the competition worried, really worried!

The short spin on the new Bajaj Discover 100M had surely left us impressed. However, the fact that we are a really skeptical lot and know better than jumping to conclusions made it all the more important for us to subject the latest Disco variant to our strict testing regime.

So is the 100M a real good performer? Does it deliver as much as it promises to? Does it have what it would take to de-throne some of the really established rivals? With many such questions in our minds, we decided to reserve a day for a rendezvous with the new machine. The quality time we spent with the latest Disco revealed a lot more about the new bike and we finally have answers to all your questions (and to ours too).

Read on . . .

 Bajaj Discover 100M Review Pics Specs  (131)

What!? One more Discover variant? 

Bajaj might have quite a long line up of Discover branded bikes in its product portfolio but the fact that each of these models have been positioned in such a way that they cater to a different sub-section of the commuter segment (and even with a minor overlap, don’t eat into the sales of each other) reflects the good job that the boffins at Bajaj have done with the positioning of the gazillion Discover variants. Each new entry level Discover model is custom designed to slice off another small chunk from the huge market share of Hero. The small contributions that each new Discover model makes to the Bajaj volumes, finally adds up to a substantial number. It’s pure, unadulterated strategy, no coincidence, and its working fabulously for Bajaj (no matter how much fun we make of the ever expanding Discover lineup)

As a part of this multi-pronged attack on the commuter segment, the new Discover 100M sits between the Discover 100 4G and the Discover 100T and is basically a Hero Splendor Pro/ Passion Pro adversary.

Bajaj Discover 100M Review Pics Specs  (107)

I think I’ve seen this bike before. Is it not a 125ST clone?

Not really. Visually, there is enough to differentiate between the 100M, 100T and the 125ST. However, the bike definitely shares majority of its body panels with the aforementioned pricier models which most definitely is a good thing.

Thanks to the 125ST connection, the bike comes with a muscular fuel tank, a cool set of alloy wheels, some snazzy body decals and a bikini fairing that is highly reminiscent of that of the much pricier Pulsar 150/180.

However, park the 100M next to a 125ST and the differences are clearly evident. The 100M misses out on a monoshock, a rear tyre hugger and the fuel switch on the side panel. Unlike the 125ST, which comes with an exposed chain, the 100M gets a full chain cover and also boasts of a different end can.

Bajaj Discover 100M Review Pics Specs  (148)

Sounds good but what about the ergonomics?

The 100M’s rider benefits from a supportive and well cushioned seat that is a tad on the softer side and goes a long way in making the intra city commutes that wee bit comfier. The rider sits very upright and can easily reach out to the handlebar.

A point worth mentioning here is that the new 100M gets rubberized grips for the handlebar but misses out on bar-end weights. The presence of the latter was slightly missed only on a couple of occasions but more on that later. The 100M’s hinged-type fuel filler cap ensures that the rider need not worry about securing the filler cap during refills.

Is the pillion as comfortable?

The 100M has been endowed with a 1255mm long wheelbase and a respectably long seat. The pillion too benefits form a comfortable seating posture and only the very tall might complain about feeling restricted.

Bajaj Discover 100M Review Pics Specs  (137)

What about the engine? You couldn’t stop talking about its grunt in your previous review . . .

We still can’t!

As we told you earlier, the new Bajaj Discover 100M is powered by a 102cc, single pot air cooled mill that has a max power of 9.3PS. While this motor is a slightly de-tuned variant of the pricier 100T’s engine, it manages to output more power than all its immediate rivals.

Looks good on paper but is it as good a performer in the real world?

Why, yes! The 4 valve motor surprised us with the grunt it has on offer. The bike rolls off from a standstill with quite some gusto and the engine has excellent low and mid torque on offer. With Rohan and me on board, that’s a total weight of almost 150kgs (I swear I weigh less than my colleague!), the bike managed to trundle along even at speeds less than 35 kmph, in fourth cog!

What about the ‘top-end’?

We did manage to hit a speedo indicated 90kmph on an open stretch of straight road and this means that we really have absolutely no intentions of challenging BAL’s claim of a 95kmph top whack

Terrific. But  with performance like that, I bet you won’t have a satisfactory answer to ‘kitna deti hai’? 

We think we do. The new Bajaj Discover 100M has an ARAI tested fuel economy of 84kmpl. While we are not optimistic enough to believe that the bike will return that figure in the real world, we feel that the FE of anything between 67-72kmpl is very achievable.

Bajaj Discover 100M Review Pics Specs  (155)

Bajaj gearboxes aren’t known to be very smooth. I wonder if the 100M’s unit is any different

Well, it is! This is probably one of the best engine-gearbox combos we have tested on a Bajaj commuter. The engine and the gearbox score high in compatibility and come together really well to endow the 100M with a sense of enthusiasm which is generally conspicuous by its absence on most entry level motorcycles.

Bajaj Discover 100M Review Pics Specs  (63)

The engine does seem to be a fairly decent unit. What about the ride quality?

The new Discover 100M has conventional telescopic forks up front and twin gas charged shock absorbers at the rear.

At slow speed, the bike boasts of a good ride quality, with the suspension soaking in most of the ruts the bike might have to deal with. The well cushioned seat further helps in keeping your spine from any kind of discomfort.

However, the state of affairs takes a little turn as the speeds rise. While the rider, even when the bike deals with potholes at speeds of 50-60kmph, would nary complain of discomfort, the pillion might have a different story to tell. The  pillion comfort does take a hit as the speed rises.

Bajaj Discover 100M Review Pics Specs  (32)

And what when I am in mood for fun? 

The 100M will impress you with its handling prowess, that is, as long as you remember that its an entry level commuter bike that has no intentions of being anything more than a commuter machine. You should be looking elsewhere if handling and performance top your priority list

The Disco 100M’s light weight and good ride-handling balance ensures that the bike is flick-able enough and we found out that it is pretty apt with playing the lane splitter on the ultra-crowded streets of Pune.

The Eurogrip tyres do turn into a limiting factor at times though. Though at par with with some other similar spec rubber from rivaling manufacturers, they manage to squeal even under moderate braking.

Bajaj Discover 100M Review Pics Specs  (140)

I am pretty impressed. However, I wonder if it has more features than my neighbor’s 125cc machine. . 

Bajaj has always been known for bestowing its bikes with enough features to dazzle a potential customer. The new Discover 100M is no different in this regard and comes across as a really lucrative proposition. Here is a list of all the features that make the latest Discover really appealing-

  • Electric Start as Standard
  • Gas filled Nitrox Suspension
  • Low Maintenance Battery
  • Petal Disc Brake
  • Aluminum side sets
  • 4 Valve Engine

Too good to be true! How much did you say it retails for? 

Prices for the new Discover 100M start at INR 45,996 (ex-Delhi) and we believe that at such a price point, the new bike redefines the term value for money.

True! The new Bajaj Discover 100M definitely looks like it is here to create a place for itself in the entry level bike market. The bike has so much on offer that it is really easy to forget about the couple of slight gremlins and I am sure that every entry level bike buyer out there would be more than interested in giving the new 100M a good look.

What do you feel? 

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Which one should i buy..budget is 55-60k ..will be using it daily for 30km roughly..please need some good suggestions ?



continuing the review of 100 M, this time i got a mileage of 77kmpl.I am wondering if filling the pertol at Shell petrol bunk made the difference.




Very nicely described


Very Very Bad Bike.

No Milage,

No Good Looking.


i agree with you. no milage, no power full pick up.



Can any one describe the difference between Suzuki Hayate and Bajaj Discover 100M?

Which one is better?


Both are good in their own ways. Test ride both and then decide as per your requirements.

In our belief, the Discover 100M is the sportier of too, while the Hayate is a little bit more comfortable.


realy nice bick as a plaser


I want this bike. Plz contact me.


Liked d way all d features Pros-Cons were discribed.... i would like to switch to Disco 100M from my current bike SPL,NXG.


bangalades kustia.


Always remember before purchase the bajaj bikes, its engines not make good sound/noisy.Always need to change the timing chain after Some hundreds of kms


Currently, I ride Hero Honda CD Dawn. Its is nice bike for city, you know good mileage & all.

Its been 2 years I am using Dawn, now i want to change it. I took 25-30kms stroll on weekdays and 150-200 on weekends (nearly 1000kms./month). I want comfort, good resale value(coz. I'll change it within 2-3 yrs), reliability and mileage(without saying)

I've shortlisted :

1- Discover 100M

2- Passion XPRO

3- Dream Yuga

Please suggest...



Discover 100M is the best. I have also this bike & i am fully satisfied with it.


The Dream Yuga should suit your needs. Have a good look at it. Very close to Yuga is XPRO, which has almost same qualities. The 100M is a great bike, powerful, feature-laden and all. However, resale value might be a suspect with Bajaj.


That's what my concern was with 100M, coz. Pulsars have good resale but Discovers don't.

One more thing, my local Hero franchise giving me about 65-70% of ex for my Dec.2011 Dawn, what do you say? my Odo says 25000kms.

And what about Centuro, should I take it into consideration.


Seems to be a good offer. Well, you can take it into consideration if you are willing to experiment with a new manufacturer. Remember, reliability, after-sales service and resale could be a concern when it comes to new manufacturers.


Plz tell me which one is better bike discover 100T or 100M.....plz give me good sugesstion


Bajaj 100M.

Good pickup for 100CC.

Good Mileage(65-75 kmpl).


I am just getting a mileage of 40 kms / ltrs. only though I furnished 1st servicieng not getting good mileage.

how can you say it's giving a mileage of 65-75 kmpl?


100m is better than 100T


Bajaj discover 100M is very nice bike



i Want to buy any good mileage and good look bike ,which one is better u say , i need sporty look also , my budget is around 55 k..

Please let me know the comments ..


passion pro


Agree with Nagesh

Bought Discover 100 M in November still facing the problems mentioned below

Suggested Improvements for 100M:

1. The seat could have been softer.(My bummies felt the hardness hard..!!!)

2. Has the starting problem in Morning(need to fix this from service center)

3. The Pass by Headlight switch could have been more ergonomic

4. The Handle locking has a minor glitch, need to shake the handle a bit for perfect locking

5. Engine Oil is leaking after the first service.


fully agreed with your points

i think dis-100m is the worst bike in india

same problem is face by me also

in my bike starting and miledge


i want this bike come to bangladesh.


Please dont Buy his bike it is just created hype in MKT. I am using since 1 month and i am not satisfy customer of it. Mileage is very bad as they are saying 46-50.


bhai bajaj discover 100m ghatiya bike hai main 30.01.2014 ko purchase kiya tha par ek service ke bad bhi 46km ka average hai matlab bakwas bike hai bhul kar bhi mat lena

review by prem kumar jha


same to you Bhai


I am just getting a mileage of 40 kms / ltrs. only though I furnished 1st servicieng not getting good mileage.

how can you say it's giving a mileage of 65-75 kmpl?


this is very bad bike na average hai aur engine ka sound bhi bahut jyada hai aur agar milage ki bat kare to meri bike 1st service ke bad bhi sirf 30-40 ke speed me 46km par ltr ka average de rhi hai maine ye bike 30.01.2014 ko kharida tha bahut ghatiya bike hai pickup bhi nhi hai 60-70 ke speed me bike ki fat jati hai


Ek dum sahi kaha aapne. Meri bike tau 40-45 pe hi dum tod deti hai. Thodi si unchi sadak aate hi bike ki awaz change ho jati hai aur bike ka gear change karna padta hai


I am using this bike since last 4 months. I don't regret to say that this is a worst bike. Though company says it is 102 cc but i feel like I am driving some 80-90 cc bikes.It vibrates only on 40-45 km of speed. It has only looks and nothing. It has starting problem especially in winters morning as company has provided this bike with auto choke. My previously owned 99 cc Bajaj Boxer AT was much more powerful and better than this new discover 100 m. I was fully satisfied with my boxer At.I gave my boxer in exchange of this shit bike. Now I regret my decision of giving my boxer. My boxer was very much better than this discover 100 m. I wish Bajaj Auto should stop making fools of people. It should stop manufacturing new models with only looks and not quality. Rather it should again start manufacturing bikes like Bajaj Boxer AT & CT with quality.


Bajaj Auto should focus on producing good bikes like Bajaj Boxer AT and Bajaj Boxer CT


Hi,i like to purchase 100m but many of u point out some serious problems specially the starting problem.are the survice centre unable to fix that problem?


Bajaj discovor 100m is very nice bike /

I want this bike in Bangladesh





1. BAJAJ 100M






What are the qualities you are looking for?


Dear All,

Don't buy Bajaj 100 M bike. Waste of MONEY. I bought it Mileage only 40 KM/L. Better go for HONDA Shine or Honda Dream NEO. Better bike. Seen the advertisement of HONDA after buying 100 M felt like it's showing me. BAD BIKE BAJAJ 100 M don't go for it.

BAD Mileage, Poor Quality materials, Thin PAINT, With the tool kit provided you cannot fit the Mirror also. BAD Quality. Feedback given no response.


I agree with you friend, the tool kit provided is the worst of all we have with another bikes. Starting problem in the morning is the biggest of it. Bike vibrated at the speed of 55-60. The paint quality is very poor that with a nail you can scratch it. Bajaj needs to work on these points. It has only looks not else...


what's your location Bro when you bought this bike


Location: Bangalore

Popular bajaj ,Bannerghatta road, Bangalore



dear all

I am planning to buy a new bike....

i need good looks,good mileage(65 kmpl+),low maintenance,comfortable riding under ₹60,000/- (on road price)........

i am confused between

bajaj discover 100m and Honda cb twisters...

plz help me out and suggest the best......

thanks in advance ......


Cb twister is best



dear all..

I am planning to buy a new bike.....

I need good looks,decent mileage(60+ in city),low maintenance,comfortable riding under ₹60000/-(0n road price)

i shortlisted two...1- bajaj DISCOVER 100M

2- honda CB TWISTER

as this is going to be my first bike,i dont have much knowledge on plz help me and suggest the best....:)and if you have already own any one of the bikes mentioned before plz share your experience.......

thanks in advance.......


As per ur requirements, the Twister should suit you well.



Dear all

I am planning to buy a new bike and this going to be my first bike.All i need decent looks and good milage(above 60 ).But my friends are totally confused me.I short list some bike.

1.Discover 100M

2.Hero passion pro

3.Honda dream neo

so,plz help me out


For best mileage, go for Passion Pro or Dream Neo. However, Passion Pro looks more stylish than Dream Neo and the Discover looks more stylish than both. So take you pick, depending on what you want the most.


confused ho gaya yarrrrrrrrrr...........actually in nxt 2 days i am planning to buy 100M bt now what to do.....? My daily running is more than 50 km...could u plz suggest m..wat abt PLATINA.....?


Hi, do not buy from both bike. If you really want to have and piece of mind after purchase then must go for splendor pro only. I bought it yesterday at Delhi @ 53700. it cost more than hayte 5K extra. Disco M was available at 55,500 (with disk) without disk 51500 but riding quality was not that much good. Discover bike got stop when you lower down the speed and release the clutch in 3 or 4 gear, the bike start some sound and gets stop. This is what I did not like. Secondly one more reason why I did not buy it is that splendor enjine is far more better refined than bajaj 100M. Do not take decision on anybody feedback, just do the test drive and test my above mentioned point. happy buying. I am sorry I have seen your query so late. I hope you still have not bought it.

Test drive taken 1. TVS sports : drawback - inferior quality material, which will be emerge after 6 month. 2. Suzui hayte - parts issue in market, after sales service heard not good, resale value of bike is very low. Last but not least - One thing is great important that after buying Splendor Pro no body will dare to demoralize on your choice. My macnic said that 'Hindustan main issay achhi bike nahi hai'. I felt proud on my choice. and for other bike he said rest are 'baki to sab grahak ka bevkoof bananany kay liye hain'. All the best all. happy buying.


Don't expect power from 100 M or Platina


100 M or Platina is a mileage bike. If you prefer mileage over other things like Power than go for 100 M or Platina. Otherwise go for honda dream yuga or honda dream neo.


Is the discover 100m available in Bangladesh? Please inform me.


I thing bike is not bad...

Becoz i ride this bike around 2000 km and some starting problem face in morning but after first services its fixed.

And about milage its not 84 km/l according to company but its gives

70+ milage.

Pickup is good n i feel like big bike.

Yes its not 125-150 CC bike dont expect like much power.

And finaly i never find any likage of engine oil.

I ride this bike in DND flyway in delhi on speed on 75-80 some sound change after 75 but its happen. You know if u regular rider becoz this bike full speed is just 95km/h . Like other 100CC bike.


Hi Robin,

2000 kms coverd means a good distance. Good to know your experience. Would you like to share more?

1. What prob u faced, how you resolvd them.

2. Where frm u perchasd the bike and pre checks that you did before going fr 100M

3. I heard, vibration problem with 100cc bikes in a speed range of 65km or more. Your experience with 100M

4. Mileage as you mentioned are you still getting the same, i am wondering that. Passion Pro give 50-55, i got to know from experienced users. Almost all bikes range upto 55 or max 60 kmpl mileage. Not beyond that right? So share your experience.

5. How abt brakes and safety? Are the tyres good. Petal brake; how is it? MRF Zapper are good even pulsar users hv claimed to change tyres into Mrf Zappr. Your thougts plz.





Best byke in 100CC segment compare than other.

My all friends tell me Good bike. After ride this bike.

If u want to buy it then u can go bajaj showroom and test drive it n think.

Dont set your mind on some bullshit comment ....


The mileage of the Bajaj Discover 100M is worst. I have purchased it 2 months back & I am getting only average 45 kms/ltr mileage. Apart from this there are lot of problems which have already been mentioned by Mr. Naresh -

Suggested Improvements for 100M:

1. The seat could have been softer.

2. Has the starting problem in Morning.

3. The Pass by Headlight switch could have been more ergonomic

4. The Handle locking has a minor glitch, need to shake the handle a bit for perfect locking

5. Engine Oil is leaking after the first service.

According to Company the mileage is 84 kms/ltr but the actual mileage is average 45 kms/ltr.

Such a worst bike, so don't buy the Bajaj Discover 100M , if u don't become fool then.



West Bengal.


I'm in a little confusion....100m,shine,dream yuga....which is better?

features I prefer...


2,seat that is not difference in,companion sitting in a little bit higher than the rider in the new gen.bikes

3.on road price 50000-55000

4.mileage above 60km/l

5.daily 30km travel(appr.)

could you please help me...


hi all i m using the new discover 100m it is worth for me and it gives a mileage of 75


hi all i m using the new discover 100m it gives a mileage of 75


Hi Guys,

Seems like there are a lot of Bike "Gurus" here in this forum.

Can any one of you help me in making my decision to pick any one from the following.

I've shortlisted the following options and now need you guys to help me in zeroing down on one:

1. Honda CB Twister.

2. TVS Sport.

3. Bajaj Discover 100M.

4. Hero Passion X Pro.

Here are my requirements for you to help me suggest any of the above or any other bike you feel, that would be suitable for me.

My Requirements :

1. Decent ( Not flashy ) looks.

2. Good Mileage (at least above 60 km pl).

3. Good handling (Please note that this is gonna be my first bike)

4. Comfortable Pillion seat ( I have a family ).

5. Should be able to cover a fair bit of distance every day ( 70 to 80 Kms per day ).

Looking forward to your expert advice.




1. Bike has starting problem, not a single day it started well.

2. Bike stops while running on road suddenly

3. While running on 50+ speed, bike gives a feeling that there is no petrol - glitches in every 10-20 meters

4. Suspension is major issue, which is not working at all.

5. Side line fiber makes noise/sounds on road joints

overall you are not getting mileage its 55-56 in city and firing is worst. Just use for single seat, for double seat its getting tough on flyovers :)


After 5 months sound started coming from Engine. If you raise the bike for speed you will get irritation sound. BAD.....

I am feeling VERY BAD after buying this BIKE....


Totally Agree With U Rajeshvar

Not for double seat though it is 102 cc

Satyawadi Dubey

Mr. Yatharth how reliable and maintainance free is TVS Sport/Star City in the Long Run considering the low Ex-Showroom price.


Reliability hasn't really been an issue with the new TVS motorcycles. However, I would request you to look at new Star City Plus instead of the two bikes you've mentioned here.



We had Bajaj Platina 100cc. It was a real good bike. Though, we faced seriour fuel consumption problem with that. So almost 2months ago we bought this Bajaj Discover 100M exchanging the Platina. And I must say we are regreating. Platina with one of the longest seats, used to sometimes carry me, my brother & father (3 full grown adults). But this 100 M faces problem even when I am riding only (especially at low speed which is very important in small towns). On highway with full throttle, it could not take more than 50kmph while my brother and father were riding it.

10 kicks on an average are required to start it in the morning.

It is having problem with locking system as well (during handle locking).

My recommendation - please don't buy it..


It starts vibrating on 40-45 of speed


Totally agree with U @ SB I gave my bajaj boxer AT bike for this bike


Who long time discover 100m come in Bangladesh...?



Iam confusion choose on bike.

Milage aveage- 65/litre

better bike

Comment pls...


Hho long time discover 100m come in Bangladesh...?


bike has very big starting problem,

Average not 84 km/pl but around 60 only

at present i am not happy with this 100M bike.


I have bought this bike in the month of Nove-13,since then i have been facing big problems 1) AS it is four valved engine, it does not have power. 2) It knocks in 2nd and 3rd gear. 3) It has not mileage as we expect. This is the worst bike of the year. 4) it has starting problem, the company does not give service. I feel that it is the bad decision to buy this bike..............Shekhar Ukey, Gondia 9049900788




very nice bike with great mileage


i am 4 stroke specialist ,, u guys are all sharing your thoughts thank you, but as far my 13 years of experience discover 100 m is worth buying if you maintain properly means to say that handling clutch and rising the accelerator properly and max speed 65- 68 km\h definitely u will get 64+ millage, and after vibration issue ya exactly when you ride in between 60 - 70 u will feel more comfortable no vibrations at all , but when u ride above 70 can feel vibrations, seating issue it s not big problem can you change the seat cover thats it then starting problem on morning dont worry u have the battery warranty approach to the dealer definitely it will get clear, you will get 5 years of engine warranty nothing to worry for indian roads that engine gives you more life, economically and long ride, family comfort you can go to this bike no problem and you are 100 % happy ,

guys my sincerer suggestion is dont buy tvs products after 5000 km every time u will some problems please dont go to tvs,, honda if u want to buy any bike in honda go to higher end like unicorn or triger twister it s quite good bikes but u shld expect the milage, hero motors now a days they become one of worst manufacturers in the city dont go these sujjestions for who looking economy bikes ,, thank you any doubts let me kn ,, thanking you happy buying


Hloo .... I want to puchase a bike but a bit confused in bajaj discover n dream yuga ... Plzz suggest me exprets which one would be better as colg going daily driving would be only 10 - 15 kmss... Reply plzz


Hi Narender,

If you want a feature packed motorcycle, the Discover presents a strong case for itself. The Honda Yuga will cost a little more, but will serve you until your kids start going to college.


I, have purchased the bike two months ago and have travelled just a distance of 650 kms in this period, gone through 1st servicing on suggested time , though I am just getting a mileage of 40 kmpl as the sales person told me that the bike should produce a mileage of 84 kmpl as company declares, leaving those words I just awaited for a mileage of 65 kmpl only but what at last............ all the words sank into the deep muddy water.

very bad condition related to mileage.

kindly suggest the way to improve mileage . I have always rode the bike at a speed of 40 -50 km/hr.

looking for your reply.


I have also 100m and I drive around 7000km, its nice bike in 100cc segment . Just wait, after 2 service mileage will improve. Every new bike is same story.


discover 100m ka fainenac diatel send me email.


Very bad bike. I wasted my rs 60000, it gives bad mileage.



Nagesh, You are absolutely right. I having this problem, And I terribely irrited by this bike. I think this is the wrost bike of BAJAJ.




wat is average mileage of discover 100m

Abhinav Banerjee

I think the bike has auto choke installed so while you self start or kick start don't press the accelerator and you will get rid of the bike cold start problem...Hope this solves your problem...


Agree with you Nagesh, Need to add one more point.

The leakage of engine Oil.


than wat u say ,,,,,purchasing a 100m should worth it r not??.....r then go for 100t or shine


pagal bangladeshis...


Please dont Buy his bike it is just created hype in MKT. I am using since 3 month and i am not satisfy customer of it. Mileage is very bad as they are saying 65-70.


please buy bajaj 100m