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Yamaha FZ25

Yamaha FZ25

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Rs. 1.34 Lakh - Rs. 1.37 Lakh

Yamaha FZ25 Variants, key specs & Mileage

Fuel Type Engine Capacity Transmission Type Power Torque Fuel Efficiency
petrol 249cc Manual 21PS @ 8000RPM 20NM @ 6000RPM 35kmpl

The Yamaha FZ25 is a more powerful upgrade for those graduating from the brand\'s 150cc motorcycles. The FZ25 is also the most affordable quarter-litre motorcycle one can buy in India.

Yamaha FZ25 Design

The Yamaha FZ25 is simple in its design and looks muscular too. Its design is an evolution of the Yamaha FZS, which is the brand's 150cc motorcycle. The FZ25s headlight design borrows cues from Yamaha's MT range of bikes which looks mean and unique with its sharp design. It comprises of three LED units in which two of them serves as a low beam and other as a high beam.

The sculpted large fuel tank is another impressive element with two shrouds on both sides. The tank and its surrounding panels are split into three, where the centre part is done in a matte black paint job. The split seat setup is familiar and the upswept exhaust is more compact. The LED tail lamp looks rather nice too and overall, the FZ25 is quite a looker.

Yamaha FZ25 Features

The instrument console on the FZ25 is wide but the large bezels and the Yamaha logo on top make the display shorter. The fully digital LCD console lights up all the basic details like an odometer, two trip meters, digital tachometer, clock and other basic indications such as turn signals, high beam and neutral. The added benefit is that it also shows fuel efficiency data that gives a rough idea for the rider to know about the mileage of their bike and how long the bike runs with the amount of fuel inside the tank. The pass light switch is now integrated with high/low beam switch might seem to be a nice step to simplify the actions on the go. Yamaha revealed that the plastic panels are now thinner to reduce the weight but made with adequate strength.

Yamaha FZ25 Safety

The Yamaha FZ25 gets a 282mm disc brake while the stopping power comes from the double-piston floating calliper at the front and a 220mm rear disc brake with a single-piston calliper. Yamaha offers dual-channel ABS as a standard safety feature for this quarter-litre motorcycle which also works quite well.

Yamaha FZ25 Engine & Performance

The 249cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine does not offer meaty power, but the bike is made to ride in a relaxed manner with decent power. To keep the power figures adequate, Yamaha has gone old-school, by using two valves in this single-cylinder unit with a single overhead camshaft (SOHC). The blue core engine uses a forged aluminium piston, nickel-phosphorus plated cylinder wall and thin low friction piston rings. All of these new additions will help boost the combustion efficiency and also reduce the frictional losses produced from the engine. The engine develops 20.9PS of power at 8000rpm and 20Nm of torque at 6000rpm.

The initial performance is strong with crunchy grunts developed from the engine as it starts to fire up. The mid-range power is also of the decent range, as it delivers the power we need to speed up through the city traffic. When the rpm rises to a higher level, the pickup drops slightly but the engine pulls further smoothly without any vibrations. Going beyond 100 kmph is easy and the top speed of the FZ25 comes at 140 kmph which is quite low for this segment when compared to its rivals but it is a significant growth in Yamaha’s upgrade.

Yamaha FZ25 Fuel Efficiency

Yamaha claims an overall fuel efficiency of about 40kmpl, but in the real world, the bike delivers about 33-35kmpl which is quite good but could have improved a little bit. The fuel tank capacity stands at 14 litres, meaning you can cruise on highways without stopping for fuel stations in the long run.

Yamaha FZ25 Comfort and Ergonomics

The riding posture is slightly forward biased and the seat height which is placed low is much more comfortable for both short and tall riders. The single-piece handlebar is slightly wide and can be easily reached. Suspension duties are handled by telescopic shock absorbers at the front and the rear is equipped with a mono-shock suspension that engulfs all the bumps and potholes in the city roads. While going for a long ride, the soft cushioned seats offer great comfort.

Yamaha FZ25 Pros

  1. Low Price
  2. Low saddle height
  3. Mid-range torque

Yamaha FZ25 Cons

  1. Headlight illumination is poor
  2. Low on Power
  3. No sixth gear

Yamaha FZ25 Colours

Matte Black
Cyan Blue
Dark Matte Blue

Yamaha FZ25 Review

You get what you deserve. But in the FZ16’s case, it never really was true. The stylish looking thing had everything else working in its favor, except performance. Anybody who has ever ridden one would agree how it cried out for something more substantial to hug its capable chassis. And because the next available upgrade within the family was a super sporty 150cc machine, existing owners who wanted to sit straight had simply no choice other than deflecting to a rival camp.

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