Read what Shiva has to say about his Type-2 Honda City 1.3 EXi – His first car ever

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Yatharth Chauhan: Our friend and regular reader Shiva, who keeps us motivated with all the appreciation he bestows us with, has thought of sharing his experience with his Type-2 Honda City 1.3 EXi- his first car ever. 

Here is all that Shiva has to say —


I never actually knew how and when I developed a passion for cars. However, my mom did use to remind me of an incident when I was 4 years old. This happened when we were on a casual family visit to my uncle’s place. My uncle used to drive a Maruti 800 DX, which he sold only recently. My mom tells me that I was quick to grab his car’s keys and with great confidence, went to the car, slotted the key and turned on the engine! Of course, I didn’t actually took her out for a spin but this was surely a milestone in the passion I have for cars.

Some time later, we bought a Fiat Premier Padmini. I remember how my Dad used to teach me to change spare tires, tell me about carburettors, radiators, et al. I remember how I used to listen to him with rapt attention and started getting some driving lessons by the time I was sixteen, of course, not on public roads.


It was the second year of my Graduation when I came across this Sapphire Silver Type-2 Honda City 1.3 Exi. Yes, I stumbled upon this really lucrative used car deal.

People always used to tell me how the new ‘City is the best sedan ever’ and how it is “An evergreen car” amd will “keep you happy for miles to come’.


Well, it turned out that they were all pretty right. Even several years down the line, my Honda City 1.3 boasts of an engine refinement that really can’t be matched by that from some of the new cars. My City never stalled or broke down and always started at the very first crank. I never came across any mechanical failure and always loved the car for the excellent fuel efficiency it delivers.


Very much like many old school Japanese sedans out there, you are engulfed with a feeling of excitement the moment you crank the engine. A feather-light dab of the accelerator and the roar from that motor brings a smile to my face! I can’t stop marvelling at the fact that the car responds really well to my thoughts. If I feel I need power, it delivers just that and if I want to have a relaxed drive, the car turns all sober. The best part has to be this engine’s redline and of course, the way it reaches there. Without beating around the bush for long, I would like to say that the car has got a slick gearbox, an excellent aircon, lot of legroom and comfort and I am totally in love with how the car says ‘Bring it on, I‘m game for any challenges’!


However, there are some drawbacks that I would like to tell you about. The car has a really low stance and my dad, who is quite older now, finds it difficult to get in and out of the car. The steering too is a tad on the harder side, perhaps because it is a hydraulic power steering.


Some time after I bought this car, I plonked in a performance air intake, free flow exhaust, iridium plugs and some other such parts. It has been more than three years since I’ve been driving this beauty and I am totally in love with her! I still count on the fact that the City will keep me happy for many more years and miles to come. (We really hope it does- YC)


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