VIDEO: Someone Has Already Replaced The TVS NTORQ’s Conventional Head Light With An LED

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For some buyers out there, modern features and fancy bits take precedence over the basic mechanical brilliance of a new vehicle. This observation is cemented by the fact that we had one question shot towards us many times through our feedback channels, asking us, “Does the TVS NTORQ come fitted with an LED headlight?


The fact is that the all-new TVS NTORQ is a great new product which ticks every box there is for a 125cc scooter, except for an LED headlight, which its closest Japanese rival comes equipped with. But if that factor alone has been making it difficult for you to decide between the two, here’s a video which should offer a solution. It only takes five minutes to replace the halogen fired main candle with an LED unit, although, we aren’t sure about its performance in the dark. Take a look.

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