This Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge Is Probably The Most Luxurious Police Car Ever


No. For a change, this one-off Rolls Royce Ghost police car is not from the famous fleet of Dubai police cars but was recently part of a police fleet in Sussex, U.K. Unlike most police cars though, the Ghost Black Badge Edition was temporarily donated to raise funds for a charity event.

Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge police car (3)

For its temporary phase, the Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge edition was dressed in a white paintjob, replete with the signature police decals, police radio and roof lights. The interior featured a dual tone black and tan leather interior along with a few carbon fibre trims.

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Unveiled at the Chichester Police Station Open Day, the car was used to raise funds for a children’s hospital that houses about 300 kids. Although a temporary arrangement for the said purpose, we’re sure any criminal wouldn’t mind being taken away in this luxurious set of wheels.

Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge police car (1)

Speaking on the occasion, Rolls-Royce Global Communications Manager, Andrew Ball, said, “As a proud member of the local community, Rolls-Royce recognizes the importance of the emergency services, including the police. We were particularly pleased to see a number of our employees visiting the event with their families, and sharing their pride in the motor car they built.

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