Will Revolt Motors’ Next Bike Be An All-Electric Cafe Racer?


After launching India’s first set of production-ready and budget-friendly electric bikes, Revolt Intellicorp will now try to capture the premium 2-wheeler segment with an all-electric Cafe Racer. This revelation was made at the end of the launch presentation of the RV300 and RV400. The teaser shown at the end of the presentation only previewed a Cafe Racer-type bike, which hinted towards the future plans of the Indian start-up. However, after the launch of the RV series, chances are that the company might launch this Cafe Racer type of bike by the end of 2020, with a similar subscription plan.

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Revolt Cafe Racer

Talking about the newly launched bikes, the RV300 gets a 1.5 KW electric hub motor, capable of producing 140 Nm of peak and providing a maximum range of around 180 kilometres on a single charge, along with a top speed of 65 kmph. The bike also gets a conventional body and looks more like its elder sibling, the RV400. The other simple yet modern features include a set of LED Headlamps and Taillamps, rear seat grab rails and a streetfighter body, which means that the RV300 is designed to be stealth and economical. The zero-emission, electric powertrain provides instant torque, however, the power figures on this bike are low when compared to the RV400, mostly because this bike is designed to be practical and provide a long-range.

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Revolt RV400 launch 2

On the other hand, the RV400 gets an even more powerful electric motor, capable of providing a range of around 156 kilometres on a single charge and a top speed of about 85 kmph. The bike also gets a conventional body and the design of a millennial sportbike. Apart from these features, the premium variant of the Revolt RV400 also gets a connected helmet and a wide range of exhaust notes to choose from, to make your riding experience even more fun. The different sound modes are Revolt, Roar, Rage and Rebel. All these sounds are inspired by different high-end motorcycles, which combine to produce one interesting and powerful exhaust note. We hope that the new Cafe Racer-type bike will also be loaded with extra features and at the same time manage to provide an extended range and a higher top speed. Fingers crossed!

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