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We know, we are not a tech channel by any means, but One Plus has been delivering us with speed and we are all about speed. The McLaren edition of the new OnePlus 6T is also all about speed, which is why we present you this video talking about this piece of technology. We have shot 95% of our videos on their range of mobile phones, which says a lot about the image stabilisation and optical quality of their mobile phones. Being associated with McLaren, these guys have made the cell phone world interesting for us auto aficionados, so here is our take on this cell phone.

OnePlus 6T standing

An ode to the legendary McLaren F1 team, the cell phone comes in a rather interesting packaging. An all-black theme has been followed by the packaging, which mimics the carbon fibre pattern on many McLaren race cars, in fact, McLaren were the first team to use carbon fibre on their race cars. The black is accented by McLaren’s very famous Papaya Orange shade. Once you open the packaging, you are greeted by the Salute to Speed tagline. This phone is indeed a salute to speed and is also a salute to Bruce McLaren, a legendary racer from New Zealand who created the McLaren team in 1963. The phone also comes with a booklet, which gives a brief about the lifetime of the legendary racer.

OnePlus 6T face down

Equipped with 10 GB of RAM, and paired with a Snapdragon 845 chip, this phone is indeed a salute to speed. The borders of the body of the cell phone get the same Papaya Orange accents, which can be seen only from a particular angle. The back panel gets a carbon fibre weave pattern beneath the glass which again, makes it more appealing for us car lovers. The on-screen fingerprint scanner is great and the mobile retails for an amount of INR 50,999. For more insight into this lovely cell phone, do watch our video, linked below.

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