Renault Triber Easy-R AMT Review

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The Triber from French carmaker Renault has been a likeable car since it was first introduced in India. Many of us have large families and there are times when we have to haul everyone from one place to another. The Triber boasts of a seating capacity of 7 and unlike any other affordable MPVs in its segment, it can ‘comfortably’ accommodate 7 full-grown adults. Now that they have also introduced the Triber with an automatic transmission, the AMT has made it even more desirable.

We recently got to drive the AMT variant of the Triber to see how the most affordable automatic MPV available in the market today, actually performs in real life. A detailed review of the Renault Triber including all the information that you might need, is already up on our YouTube channel so we will be focusing solely on the Triber AMT.

How does the AMT perform?

Unlike dedicated torque-converter units, Renault has deployed a much more affordable, conventional automatic transmission to keep the costs down. The Triber AMT will not appeal to the enthusiasts out there but then again, was it developed to do the same? A big no. The sole reason why Triber AMT exists is to bring in more practicality and convenience, and that, it does.

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The automatic transmission unit acts a bit confused at lower revs and doesn’t upshift when the tachometer hovers around the 2000 rpm. It’s only when you cross the 2.5k rpm mark, will it upshift. The stick has four modes, namely Drive, Neutral, Reverse and Manual. If you give it some serious beans, the automatic transmission fails to provide the much needed brisk gearshifts but then again, it would be wrong to expect quick gearshifts from an AMT.

Engine and performance

The Renault Triber EASY-R AMT comes fitted with the same 1.0-litre petrol engine, which generates 70 bhp of maximum power and a little under 100 Nm of peak torque. The manual wasn’t an enthusiastic performer, to begin with, and the AMT doesn’t help the cause either.

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While the manual can hit the 0-100 mark in around 16 seconds, it takes 20+ seconds for the AMT to crack the same speed. You have to keep the engine above 1600 rpm to extract optimum grunt. It won’t bring home any awards for the way it performs but the performance on tap is enough for this MPV to carry around 7 people with ease.

Ride and handling

Same goes for its ride and handling too. It is not meant to stick on some imaginary rails while taking a corner but it does the job well for the way it was brought to life in the first place. And that job includes hauling 7 people around in comfort. The suspension doesn’t bottom out even when the cabin is full. Ground clearance stands at 182mm and that contributes to the above-mentioned fact.

The suspension setup is rather pliant and absorbs most of the bumps our infamous Indian roads throw at it. The steering feel is light and the wheel is devoid of any feedback, which isn’t surprising given the segment it belongs to.

The interiors

Due to cost-cutting measures, Renault hasn’t included any premium materials inside the cabin but still, the cabin looks well-built and well thought out. So if you are thinking that if Renault is offering an automatic 7-seater, they must have made the cabin a barren affair, you are in for a great surprise. There’s a sense of space which is present everywhere inside the cabin and Renault has also included a generous amount of storage spaces. The top-spec trim also gets a 20.32 cm (8-inch) Touchscreen MediaNav Evolution system.

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In terms of safety, the top-end variant also gets 4 airbags. We do feel that the layout of the instrument cluster could have been a little better. All the other information regarding the interiors of the Triber is included in our video reviews.

Fuel efficiency

The ARAI claimed fuel efficiency of the Manual variant stands at 20 kmpl while the certified mileage of the automatic stands at 18.2 kmpl. The figures come down in real-world conditions and we found the Triber was returning 11 kmpl in city driving conditions and out on the highway, the fuel economy climbed up to 15-16 kmpl.

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Renault Triber AMT review


The Triber is an excellent option for consumers looking for a B-segment MPV with lots of space and boasts of many modern and practical features. With the added practicality of an automatic transmission, it is bound to win hearts. It also undercuts its rivals by a huge margin. It might not be the most powerful or the ablest handler but the Triber AMT shines when it comes to overall space and convenience.

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