Moonbow Car Air Purifier Review


In a city where the levels of pollution are increasing at an alarming rate, it is getting difficult to breathe clean air with each passing day. While some of us may not directly suffer due to the polluting gases emitted from multiple vehicles, a certain section of people may object to the smell of cigarettes if you happen to have someone smoking in your car.

Moonbow Car Air Purifier upper side

These are some of the problems the Moonbow Car Air Purifier can solve while you’re on the go. The air purifier is a small accessory for your car that helps your breathe fresh (read unpolluted) air inside while you travel. Before we get to the details, let us familiarize you with this new air purifier from Moonbow.

Contents Of The box:

  • Air Purifier unit with Filters
  • DC 12V Power Cable
  • Screws
  • Headrest Mounting Strap
  • Mounting Strap Holders
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card

Moonbow Car Air Purifier power cable

How Does It Work?

The Moonbow Car Air Purifier is a device that doesn’t need you to work out a plan in order to get it working. The model follows a simple plug-and-play pattern where you have to connect the power cable to the air purifier on one side and the 12V power outlet in your car for the other side. Next, you can switch it on with the help of the red ‘Push On’ button on the cable. After a single beep, the model comes to life and will take merely a few seconds before it gets to work. The large LED powered button first shuffles between three colours including green, blue and red as it ascertains the initial quality of air.

Moonbow Car Air Purifier charging cable and power button

After a minute or two, the button returns to a single colour that denotes the quality of air inside the car. The red colour indicates that the air quality is low while the blue colour indicates that the air quality is average. The green colour reveals that the quality of air in the car is good.

Moonbow Car Air Purifier blue light

If you do happen to roll down your windows during the journey, the air purifier is likely to change the colour depending upon the quality of the air. Upon pulling up the windows, the air filter gets to work and starts improving the quality of air in the vehicle. One might not notice the small fan that does the purification work with little noise if you have the music system on or the fan at a high speed.

 How Do I Place It?

Moonbow provides a set of items including a mounting strap and strap holders which one can use to wrap around the headrest. If you don’t prefer keeping it behind the headrest, you can either keep it on the seat or below the seat, but the air purifier will continue to function without any issue. The latter might keep you wondering though as to what type of air you’re breathing as the unit would not be visible under the seat.

Moonbow Car Air Purifier strap open

How Well Does It Work?

We had the chance to test the Moonbow Car Air Purifier for a few days and although we technically could not feel the difference in the quality of the air, the air filter did pull away the odour left by the cigarettes which would otherwise, never go un-noticed by the folks at home. For those of you looking to buy the Moonbow Car Air Purifier, it can be purchased from e-commerce websites such as Flipkart and Amazon.

Moonbow Car Air Purifier side angle green

Technical Specifications:

  • Pre-Filter + True HEPA Filter + Activated Carbon Filter + Refreshing Energizers
  • Auto Odor Sensor
  • Air Quality Indicator
  • Filter Replacement Indicator
  • Aroma Diffuser
  • Area Coverage: Upto 20 sq ft
  • CADR: 15 m3/hr
  • Power Consumption: 4 W
Moonbow Car Air Purifier
Moonbow Car Air Purifier side angle blue
Moonbow Car Air Purifier red light
Moonbow Car Air Purifier power button
Moonbow Car Air Purifier metal plating border
Moonbow Car Air Purifier charging cable and power button

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