I-Tec Maverick – a flying car that really does, er… fly

a flying car

The Maverick is a car that actually looks like a practical, airworthy car which can take you up in the air without you having to have had pilot training. Simply speaking, even when this car is airborne, you are controlling its maneuvers just as you control them on the ground, using your normal controls. This is made possible by integrating maverick’s fly-by-wire aerial controls into the ground controls of a car. What’s more, you can never drop down from the sky like a bird’s dropping, as there always is a parachute to keep you hanging up there. Sounds like you can fly in your car without having to carry a set of rosaries.

The Maverick is drivable on public roads with a civilian driver’s license. You can pilot it under S-LSA/E-LSA certification. Preparation for flight is quick and simple, thanks to I-Tec’s innovative mast and spar system, which also provides the Maverick maneuvering capabilities unique among powered parachutes. Check out this cool video to see how the Maverick takes to the skies. Oh, and it’s a great off-roader too, just in case you get tired of your cage-like Prados or Pajeros.

Info and image source : I-Tec


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