3500 bhp, diesel engine powered Mini!

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What you see here is a 78-litre diesel engine producing 3500bhp power and 13,500Nm torque. The diesel engines that you see pulling the endlessly long passenger and goods trains in India have lesser power. This engine, made by Cummins, the largest independent diesel engine manufacturer is going to be powering a car, yes you heard it right, a car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The funny thing is, this engine, which is probably the largest diesel engine in the world, will power one of the smallest cars in the world – the Mini!
You would be right if you think that this engine won’t have any advantages whatsoever in terms of performance, over even your humble Maruti 800 on the road. However, this Mini is sure going to be the most powerful car on display when it participates in the Festival of Speed this year.

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