2020 TVS Apache RR310 BS6 Review: Changes, Performance And All You Need To Know

The TVS Apache RR310 BS6 is now available at dealerships and it gets more features and equipment than ever before. We took it for a spin on a race track to tell you everything about the updated motorcycle.

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Every artist has a masterpiece. A piece of art which was sculpted and composed with passion and dedication. A crown jewel which stands apart from the rest of his work. Well, if we consider TVS as an artist, no brownie points for guessing what would be considered their masterpiece. TVS put in a lot of efforts to develop the Apache RR 310 in partnership with BMW Motorrad and what came out was something beautiful and potent. TVS has now launched the BS6 variant of the RR 310. While they were at it, they went a little ahead and loaded it with more features in addition to making it more environment-friendly.

The most visually apparent change is the introduction of a new colour scheme. The titanium black colour surely looks great. Apart from the colour, nothing is changed when it comes to the rest of the bodywork. The fairing and the rest of the panels are exactly the same. Which is understandable because it is arguably the most beautiful motorcycle by any Indian manufacturer. There are some mechanical changes though, which were necessary to make it comply with the BS6 norms. TVS didn’t just make it BS6 compliant but they have also tried to make the riding experience better than before by changing and introducing some new things.

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We rode this on MMRT which gave us a chance to fully exploit the motorcycle’s capabilities. Most of the mechanicals remain unchanged. Even after being BS6 compliant, the power output is still the same as before, which stands at 33 HP of power and 27.3 NM of torque. TVS has now equipped the bike with Ride by wire technology which basically eliminates the mechanical connection between the accelerator and throttle bodies and is now electronically controlled. It surely has made the riding experience a lot better than before while making it more refined as well. The throttle response is now crispier while the fuelling has become better too. Manipulating the throttle has become easier and the on-off throttle transitions have become smoother too.

TVS Apache RR310 BS6 Review

Another major change is the tyres. Previously the Apache RR 310 used to come with Michelin Pilotstreet, which have been replaced with the new Michelin Road 5 – a huge improvement. The new tyres inspire a lot of confidence while cornering and they are said to provide better grip in wet conditions too. Michelin has used hard compound in the spine so as to increase the overall life of the tyre while the shoulders are made of a soft compound to increase grip while slaying them corners. The suspension setup remains the same though which isn’t a bad thing at all because it garners the best of both worlds. The RR 310 doesn’t feel out of place on a racetrack and can take you out on those long highway jaunts too. Even the riding position is the same, which again, isn’t a bad thing. The Apache RR 310 has always remained a practical motorcycle without being too sporty and aggressive.

The instrument cluster has gone through an overhaul and is now more colourful and intuitive. You can now connect your phone with TVS’ smart connect app which will help you exploit some more features like turn by turn navigation and a comprehensive log of your rides. It’s by far the most feature-rich instrument cluster we have seen in this segment.

TVS Apache RR310 BS6 Red and Black

Apache RR 310 was loaded to the T previously too but now it has gone further with the introduction of riding modes. Thanks to the new ride by wire technology, it now comes with four riding modes namely: Urban, rain, sport and track. The power output in Urban and Sport mode gets reduced to 26HP while the top speed comes down to 125 kmph too. The ABS sensitivity increases too and it kicks in way before. The throttle response becomes a bit friendlier. While Sport and Track use the maximum power output and ABS kicks in pretty late which is great for track riding where you want to modulate the brakes all by yourself.

2020 TVS Apache RR 310 colour display computer

The fuel efficiency is increased by 10 % as claimed by TVS. We kept the throttle pinned while riding on the racetrack and some of the motorcycles delivered 25 km/l. The real-world mileage will surely be better. We could still feel minor vibrations on the tank and the handlebar but they were not as bothersome as before. The overall weight has gone up by 3-3.5 kgs because of the BS6 compliance but it isn’t felt maybe due to the inclusion of ride by wire.

2020 TVS APache RR 310 BS6 (7)

Glide through technology which was first seen in the Apache 160 and 200 is now carried forward in the RR 310 as well. It makes the vehicle move at a negligible speed even if you shut the throttle off completely making it a lot more rider-friendly while dealing with the notorious urban traffic.

2020 TVS APache RR 310 BS6 (1)

The price has gone up by 16k and the Apache RR 310 now retails at 2.40 lakh, ex-showroom. The price bump is more than justified because you get a lot more than what you’re paying for. TheApache RR 310 was a great motorcycle to start with but now it has become even better. It’s now more rider-friendly, is more refined and inspires more confidence than before without losing out on the overall usability. Looks gorgeous, feels at home on both highways and the racetrack is loaded with tech. what more can you ask for?

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