Yokohama will commence limited tyre production in India

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Come this November, Yokohama India will start it’s first manufacturing plant in the country. The aim is to start limited production of their Earth 1 and S Drive tyres at the plant which is based in Haryana. After investing over Rs. 300 crore, Yokohama’s new plant will be capable of producing 7,20,000 tyres per year. The new plant will see Yokohama manufacturing two different types of tyres; the Earth 1 series will be made keeping comfort in mind, whereas the S Drive series will be more focused on the driving front and will give a sportier ride.


The Earth 1 series will be manufactured in three different versions; namely, 13, 14 and 15-inch sizes. The S Drive on the other hand will be available in 14 and 15-inch variants. The Earth 1 tyres are primarily designed keeping prevailing Indian road conditions in mind, hence will provide optimum comfort on rough roads and a quiet ride on the smoother patches of tarmac. The S Drive will be made keeping grip levels and performance of the vehicle in mind.

The uniqueness of this plant lies in it’s compact and simpler process of making the right rubber for it’s new tyres. Since it’s not a very massive plant, Yokohama’s new setup won’t be following the rest of the manufacturers who mix huge quantities of different rubber to strike the perfect blend.

Source – AutoCar India

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