Mercedes India and SIAM working together, radar-based systems may be offered

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We are sure that most of you are well aware of the advanced safety and driving assistance features that are available on many German cars. And none other is more prominent on this front than the new S-Class from Mercedes-Benz. Everything from airbags to ABS, three-point seatbelts to automated emergency braking, were all first seen on an S-Class. So its no wonder that the new S-Class comes with even more gadgets than you can know what to do with. On the forefront of them many, is a new radar-based system that monitors everything on the road and even adjusts it’s suspension, accordingly.

S-Class – The German masterstroke. 

Although the S-Class that is available in India still comes with quite a lot of goodies, it lacks these radar-based gubbins and hence isn’t the best of what an S-Class can be. One of the most talked about feature of the new S, is the Magic Body Control (MBC) system which is so advanced that it uses the radar on the nose of the car to scan the road in front so that the car’s suspension is already tweaked and set for the road condition that lays ahead. This amazing feature works in tandem with the car’s brilliant air suspension and helps keep this massive limo flat when you take her around a set of bends. Apart from this, there are many such radar-based systems that the king of limos uses in international markets, but thanks to the unique guidelines set by the Indian government, they aren’t allowed in civilian transport.

Very few cars exude such elegance and grace as the S-Class.

However, this ban on radar-based systems in cars could change soon as Mercedes-Benz is working in coalition with the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) for such systems in India. Eberhard Kern, Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India said, “We have many safety systems that are radar based, as standard systems globally on Mercedes cars. Together with SIAM we are working on finding a solution with the Indian government to make the radar frequencies available. Once this is there we might be able to offer all of our standard radio-based features in India.” When pit against some European nations where such radar-system usage is prevalent, affordable cars such as the tiny VW UP! can be fitted with a forward-scanning radar which will bring the car to a complete stop (at city driving speeds) if the system detects an imminent crash. Hopefully, the best car in the world will be gifted with this unique feature and that will make it even better.

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