Yamaha’s Entry-Level Bike for India

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Yamaha’s Entry-Level Bike is currently in the pipeline, with a special focus for the Indian market. Officials state that they will aim to price the bike around the region of INR 30,000/-.

Yamaha's Entry-Level Bike for India

The name Yamaha in India is currently synonymous with smoldering performance and immaculately crafted motorcycles. Either the agile YZF-R15 or the beefy FZ or even the svelte Ray, Yamaha has made a name for itself in India by marketing some very desirable products. Even though Yamaha’s products are pricey as compared to those from other manufacturers, they do accomplish whatever they claim.

This gameplan has, however, hurt Yamaha’s prospects in India. They have a strong presence in the premium motorcycle segment, but they haven’t been able to make inroads into the entry-level segment. This is the segment where majority of the sales volume lies, and this is where motorcycles like the Hero Splendor and the Honda Dream Yuga rule the roost. In a bid to increase sales volumes and boost its revenues, Yamaha is working on an entry-level bike for the Indian market.

Officials have stated that Yamaha’s entry-level bike is currently under works. The company would like to price it in the region of INR 30,000/-, but that isn’t a certainty. At first, Yamaha’s entry-level bike will be sold in the Indian market. After that, it might be introduced in overseas markets. This bike will help Yamaha to register greater sales volumes in India. Majority of the bike sales in the Indian market come from the entry-level segment, and an ultra low price is almost a pre-requisite for such a bike. Other factors like a good fuel economy as well as durability are other important necessities.

Yamaha recently launched the updated versions of the FZ-Series of motorcycles, under the monikers of FZ Version 2.0 and FZ-S Version 2.0.

How do you think will an ultra-cheap bike affect the brand image of Yamaha??

Source – Economic Times 

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  • Samarth Singh says:

    What makes you say they have a “strong presence in the premium motorcycle segment”? Their motorcycles don’t outsell similar premium offerings in respective segments.

    They’re performing low everywhere, they need new products with USPs, to make a presence felt.
    Their mileage bike doesn’t excel in mileage.
    Their performance bike doesn’t excel in performance.
    Even R1 is not the highest performing in its segment now.

    And don’t even talk about R15. While such a cool package, competition has moved so far ahead, and will be moving on too.

    R25 can twist fortunes maybe, atleast in sales amounts (for the segment) and road presence.