Yamaha R25’s Top Speed Revealed : 175+ kmph

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An idea about Yamaha R25’s top speed has finally been revealed! A photo of the instrument console put up on Madrives.com shows the tacho needle at 12,500 RPM and the subsequent reading on the digital console was 173 kph.

This indeed bodes well for Yamaha fanatics. The Yamaha R25 has a redline of 14,000 rpm. Hence, the bike still hasn’t run out of breath ( or Revs ) . Take the Yamaha R25 on a clean, straight road, and she is definitely set to surpass this figure notched by the test rider. We feel the Yamaha R25’s top speed will be hovering around in the region of 180 kmph.

Yamaha R25's Top Speed

The Yamaha R25 is powered by a quarter-litre, fuel injected DOHC engine in parallel twin layout. It has the ability to churn out a peak power of 36 PS at 12,000 rpm. The peak torque is 22 Nm, which comes at a more usable 10,000 rpm. Ever since the launch of the Yamaha R25 in Indonesia, the manufacturer has been struggling to keep pace with the demand. Around 2800 units of the bike were booked within the first 25 hours of the launch of the R25 in Indonesia. As a result, Yamaha had too curtail the bike’s export plans with a focus on meeting the domestic demand.

The Yamaha R25’s top speed being in the region of 180 kmph is definitely music to the ears of skilled riders. The Yamaha R25 has the potential capability of a very good track bike, thanks to its tight handling characteristics. This was showcased at a media ride event organised earlier by Yamaha Japan, where the Yamaha R25 dived into cramped corners with utmost ease. It will give a tough time to its competition which includes the likes of Kawasaki Ninja 300 and the Honda CBR250R.


And if you still aren’t satisfied with the Yamaha R25’s top speed, there is good news for you! In addition to the regular variant of the Yamaha R25, a Special Edition is in the works. This bike dons the Blue-White livery of Yamaha’s MotoGP team, and comes with an aftermarket Akrapovic exhaust. It is sure to add quite a bit of peppiness to the ride. You can check our detailed report of the Special Edition Yamaha R25 over here.

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  • Ishan says:

    if a 250cc single-cylinder 4-stroker in moto 3 can go upto a (true)top-speed of 240kmph. then why it is “impossible” for this yammy to clock even a 175(ofcource with some speedo-error)..??

  • neel says:

    Very well said. Its just the case of over enthusiastic speedo.

  • Anonymous says:

    Very true. Its just the case of enthusiastic speedos. 😛

  • Irrespective of what the enthusiastic speedo quotes, it is impossible for a 250cc twin to notch anything above a true 165-170 kmph. The Ninja 300 too has a true top speed around 165 kmph, with the speedo indicating well over 175 kmph.

  • Jebin says:

    Hi Bishakh,
    please give a dofollow link credits to our site madrives.com.