Yamaha R1M to make a comeback with new limited production run

Yamaha R1M makes a comeback in 2016 with new limited production run. Yamaha will be accepting online applications for the new 2016 R1M from October 1, 2015.

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The premium hardware equipped R1M will make a comeback as Yamaha announces new limited production run of this higher spec YZF-R1 motorcycle. Yamaha will be accepting online applications for the R1M from October 1, 2015. The motorcycle will carry a slightly premium price tag than the 2015 model. All new 2016 R1M owners can register and have free access to the Yamaha Racing Experience (YRE), an exclusive event that will take place at a number of major European tracks in late spring 2016.

The R1M is equipped with sophisticated electronic control systems and advanced engine and chassis technologies. The R1M is a complex motorcycle that must be set up correctly in order to achieve the best performance and the 2016 R1M owners will be taught how to prepare and fine tune the bike by our team of highly skilled Yamaha Racing technicians, enabling every rider to discover their true potential on the racetrack at the 2016 YRE.

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In July 2015 the first ever YZF-R1M owners attended the exclusive Yamaha Racing Experience track event under the supervision of MotoGP legend Colin Edwards. Following the positive rider feedback that came out of these inaugural events, the 2016 YRE will follow a similar format covering bike preparation and settings, as well as track riding skills. The aim of the YRE is to enable riders to achieve the best set up for their new R1M, as well as to inspire owners with the competitive spirit of Yamaha that has made the company one of the most successful brands in national and international racing.

Now isn’t this a good piece of news (if you have the money). Share your views about Yamaha’s new limited production run of the R1M with us and fellow readers through the comments section below.

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