Yamaha Japan recalls 15,072 units of the R25, MT25, R3 and MT320 over faulty oil pump, transmission and front brake

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Yamaha Japan has officially announced a recall of 15,072 motorcycles over faulty oil pump , transmission problems  and front brake issues . The motorcycles affected by the recall are R25, R25A, R3, MT25 and MT320. Check out the table below to know which specific models are affected in this recall.

Company Model Common name Recalled chassis number range and production period of (serial number) The number of recalled vehicles Remarks
Yamaha EBL-RH07J “YZF-R3A” RH07J-001001 ~ RH07J-003436
2015 March 19 – 2016 May 19
1,458 units ①②
“MT320” RH07J-001641 ~ RH07J-003400
2015 August 31 – 2016 May 23
780 units ①②③
JBK-RG10J “YZF-R25” RG10J-001001 ~ RG10J-015324
2014 October 6 – 2016 April 22
8,614 units ①②
“YZF-R25A” RG10J-006561 ~ RG10J-015277
2015 February 12 – 2016 April 1,
1,993 units ①②
“MT250” RG10J-008962 ~ RG10J-014161
2015 June 22 – 2016 February 14,
2,226 units ①②③
2016 April 1,
One ①②
(A total of two models) (A total of five models) (The entire range of the production period)
2014 October 6 – 2016 May 23
(A total of 15,072 units) ①15,072

Yamaha Japan Recall - 1

Oil Pump Problem ①

Yamaha Japan Recall - 2

Transmission Problem ②

Yamaha Japan Recall - 3

Front Brake Issues ③

The oil pump of the engine plunger is said to have an inappropriate design due to which the prime mover may not function properly. Secondly, in the power transmission device, the strength of the bearing of the clutch pressure plate is insufficient. Clutch operation may damage the said bearings which is likely to render the motorcycle nonoperational. Lastly, due to the setup, the front brake hose may come in contact with the radiator during running and may cause the brake fluid to leak thus decreasing the braking force.

Yamaha Japan is currently fixing the issues on the affected models. Meanwhile, there is no official statement from Yamaha India for any recall of the YZF-R3 sold in the Indian market.

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