World’s first Pedestrian Detection System to debut on the new Volvo S60!

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The Geneva Motor Show will showcase many new cars which are very much awaited this year. One of these badly awaited cars is the S60 from the Swedish car manufacturer – Volvo. “The sporty design delivers a visual promise of enthusiastic driving characteristics and I can assure you that the all-new S60 truly lives up to that promise. Its driving properties are better than those of any previous Volvo. What is more, the car’s innovative new technologies help you become both a better and a safer driver,” says Stephen Odell, Volvo Cars President and CEO.

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Along with an all-wheel-drive (AWD) system and a powerful and fuel efficient engine, the S60 has something more innovative to offer. The world’s first pedestrian detection system will be featured of the Volvo S60. The pedestrian detection system would be a boon for countries with crowded streets. The life-saving system has the unique ability to detect people walking in front of the car. It is obvious that in case the driver fails to react to an emergency situation, the system will take charge by applying full braking power to avoid a collision with the pedestrian.

The system consists of a camera-radar technology which helps detect pedestrians in the path of the car. A newly-developed radar will be integrated in the cars grille while the camera will be positioned in the front of the interior rear view mirror. The radar plays the role of detecting objects in front of the car along with information regarding its distance from the car. It is the camera’s responsibility to determine what the objects in front of the car are.

“We are truly proud of our success in making our technology so reliable that we can offer a complete system that can avoid a collision with a pedestrian by detecting, alerting and applying full braking. It’s a world first, to the best of our knowledge. With this technology we have increased the braking force in our automatic braking system from fifty percent to full stopping power,” says Thomas Broberg, senior safety advisor at Volvo Cars.

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