Car Wash for 7,200 GBP, anyone??

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If the rich and the famous says, “There is a pink elephant in the room!” chances are there is one!

Since nothing is quite out of reach for them,  it wouldn’t cost them anything more than a hairpin to get an ordinary grey variety of the animal perked up in pretty pink to please those pretty eyes perched on pretty rich faces.

Obviously, the rich and the famous pink elephant is not going to travel in an ordinary pick up truck now, is he? He has to be hustled into one of those super cool supercars which probably cost more than the distance between two orbiting satellites. And once the pinky elephant has arrived in the super-uber home, the job of cleaning up the pink stains and residues of fart coming out of this peanut loving mammal has to be taken up by someone extraordinary.

Like Mr Gurcharn Sahota, a British entrepreneur and accountancy graduate who believe it or not spends up to 250 hours to clean up a single car and charges up to GPB 7,200 to do so! And no, he doesn’t use those ordinary sponges, car shampoo and wax stuff found in hardware stores. He uses equipment seen mostly in movies like Matrix and Inception- those cutting edge microscopes and lasers to chase out after scratches and spots otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

Now If you are wondering, no one is insane enough to pay that kind of money for a car wash, well here’s what our man has to say, “If you’re spending 500,000 GBP on a car, you want it to be perfect. I just want perfection. Finishing is the best part. It gives me real satisfaction.”

“I’ll work through the night to get a car looking absolutely pristine.”

“They’re world-class motors that deserve a world-class wash.”

No joke! Watch the video below to see Sahota in action…

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