What Happened to the Tork Motorcycle Company?

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Some time back, there came a new Indian team proposing an all-new electric bike called the T6X. The company, Tork Motorcycles, launched their first product on 30th September of 2016. The T6X was supposed to be a bike which would use cutting edge technology and within just a day of its unveiling, it received over 1,000 bookings. With 2019 just around the corner, we are yet to see any of those bikes on the road. We have not even seen a production-spec model of the bike. Makes us wonder, what has happened to this company? Are they going to deliver or did they just raise our hopes and let us down? Thanks to the internet, we now may have some answers.

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A Quora user seemed to have the same doubt in his/her mind, so a question was posted, “What happened to Tork motorcycles? Why are they not selling bikes until now?” The question was answered by Premanand Risbud, CFO at Tork Motors who stated, 25 days back,


Right now we are working on T6X to make it ready for production and sale.

It’s a very long process. We have to undergo many tests to ensure safety and quality. Hence, we request you to be patient till we become ready for release.

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Well, that is a sigh of relief, not only for the people who had booked their bikes but also for enthusiasts like us who would love to see a finished product of the T6X. The electric motorcycle; according to the company, is capable of running up to 100 km on a single charge at speeds of 85 kmph.  The powertrain details have not been divulged although the company is likely to reveal it soon. The motorcycles do not feature any imported parts apart from the lithium-ion battery. It uses a brushless DC motor and was on sale for a price tag of INR 1,24,999. We hope the company speed the process up and we see this beautiful electric motorcycle running on our roads. Stay tuned for more updates.

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