Watch Two KTM Adventure 390s Become A Part Of A Very Weird Crash

The much-awaited KTM Adventure 390 was introduced in India after a really long wait. Two examples of the bike get themselves involved in the weirdest of crashes we've ever seen

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The adventure motorcycling scene has picked up quite rapidly in India. Naturally, almost everyone out there who’s got an ADV wants to take flight, send the bike into a slide, and try to never collide. However, after finding almost everything in common between them, these two KTM Adventure 390s just could not stay away from each other. Maybe this incident happened before the entire social distancing fiasco started. Watch it for yourself:

So it happens that the two riders find a mound where they could take turns for some air time. They line up and the rider ahead takes off to fly on the return run. Meanwhile, the other rider decides to chill, wears his spectacles, and gets ready for his turn. But then just as his vision improves, he witnesses a terrifying sight, where his partner flies, lands successfully, only to be headed for the weirdest kiss we’ve ever seen between siblings. What impressed us though was that both individuals are thorough gentlemen and remain calm and collected even after what happened.

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For all those planning to fire up their motorcycles the very moment we all can, if going off the road and indulging in some fun off the road is on your list, here’s what you must keep in mind. Make sure you wear all protective gear before you get into the saddle. It’s safer, better and more fun when there’s someone else with whom you’re trying to attempt something like this. On your own, one fall and you could be stranded somewhere far away from the black stuff, away from any assistance. Make sure the demarcated area where you plan to slide or jump or indulge in any such activity is clear of all participants and obstacles. Also, get to know your and your bike’s limits before imagining yourself as Evil Knievel.

KTM Adventure 390 Crash

As we spend these three weeks indoors, it’s a lot of time to read, watch something interesting and work on our fitness levels. So that when we are able to finally ride out, we’re better riders and even better individuals than we are now. Let’s all do what’s been asked, let’s be considerate, and we’ll all come out just fine on the other side.

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