Watch These Robots Dance to the Tunes of a 1962 Contours Classic

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We all know it, don’t we? Robots are one day, going to replace us in the majority of the work and that might be good news for some and bad news for some. Think about it, you charge your robot in the morning, have him drive you to work, have him do all your chores, not spending single coin, after of course buying, charging and maintaining it, and then he drives you back home, you relax and let the robot charge back up for the next day. That day is still quite some time away, but until he drives you to work, what about he drives you crazy on the dance floor?

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Yes, you read correct, on the dance floor. Here are robots that can dance on some tunes and break a dance floor.

Boston Dynamics, the maker of these kinds of cool robots is a renowned firm based in Massachusets, The United States of America. It is popular for making legged robots with advanced mobility and Intelligence. You can even buy their products for industrial and commercial uses.

Boston Dynamics’ Robots

Recently, Boston Dynamics released a video featuring their robots dancing around on a 1962 classic by the Contours – Do you love me and boy did that break the internet. Of course, their moves weren’t as smooth as a human but you can’t fault them out for that. Boston Dynamics did a stellar job in making their robots as smooth in their movements as they can be seen in the video. According to Boston Dynamics, this video is intended to celebrate the start of what we hope would be a happier year given all that that has happened this year. One look at it and you will instantly match the vibe of the dancing robots. You can’t help but smile at their stellar moves as they dance on the Contours classic.

Boston Dynamics Dog Robot

Recently, Hyundai Motor Group bought a controlling stake in Boston Dynamics for around $ 1.1 Billion. Keen to step up in advanced robotics, Hyundai will own 80% stake while SoftBank will retain a 20% share.

As seen in the video, the robots can run, jump, twist and pull off some hip hop moves with ease. It is wholesome to watch the video and to sign off on what has been a difficult year. But, you can always put some music on and dance on to the tunes and go head to head with robots!


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