Volvo S80 Facelift Caught Testing in China


We have always loved the current S80. It makes perfect sense to those who want a high end luxury sedan without shouting out loud that they have arrived in life. However, many of the potential buyers are of the opinion that the S80 looks a bit too bland for it’s own good.

Volvo seems to have taken attention and is readying the S80 facelift. It is reported that the Swedish car maker has been busy testing a thoroughly upgraded version of the sedan. Recently, our friends at auto.163, China  and Carscoop managed to take some quick shots of the updated model being tested.

We think highly of the 4.4 litre Yamaha built motor that is being offered in the S80 and in addition to continuing with the already competent set of engine options Volvo is likely to re-work the ride and handling package of the car

Prices should remain the same if we do not factor in the discounts being offered on the current version of the car. Germans better beware!


Image Source: and CarScoop


  1. @Deepak: looting spree?? what about the cost of import? cost of assembly? logistical costs and distribution costs? cost of labour and resources? All these costs will surely be a part of the final cost; plus some margin that Bajaj will surely expect…not an unfair expectation by any means!

    If the 650R was manufactured here, probably the cost might have been similar to what you quote..

  2. The 650R (ABS) costs 257000 THB, which translates to INR 382159/- (1 THB= 1.487 INR). I would say Bajaj is out on a looting spree again (earlier being the 250R) if it prices it over 5L and specially when you consider that the bike is being imported as CKD under the FTA policy (not sure what is the customs rate under the FTA, but I guess its around 10-12%).


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