RaceDynamics Teases PowerTune ECU for KTM 200 Duke

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The KTM 200 Duke has been a hot favorite among the Indian biking aficionados. The 200 Duke, with its free revving motor and great agility, is a great recipe for hooliganism and excitement. The KTM 200 Duke has been responsible for giving an adrenaline rush to many bikers out there.

However, in case the KTM 200 Duke has failed to set you buzzing with excitement, there is an assortment of ‘after-market’ go-faster bits readily available to make the Katoom a real pocket rocket.

Among a host of various performance mods, the one that has really caught our attention is the upcoming PowerTune standalone ECU from RaceDyamics. The RaceDynamics ECU is in the final stages of development and the tuner has released a teaser showing the boost in performance that the PowerTune ECU would provide.


The PowerTune ECU equipped KTM Duke 200 is faster by 4 Kmph. Furthermore, the rev limiter has been moved up by 1,200rpm to 11,700rpm. All this hints at a significantly better top end and a quicker acceleration.

We are expecting the PowerTune ECU equipped KTM 200 Duke to have a top whack of more than 140kmph.



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