Volkswagen’s New Sedan

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an ‘americanised’ version of the Passat

Going by the old adage, ‘different stokes for different folks’, VW has plans of building an ‘americanised’ version of the Passat. Just like Honda has two completely different Accords for different parts of the world even VW will make 2 different Passats. And going by our country’s love for ‘size does matter’, even the Indian Passat may get replaced by the NMS (short for New Mid-size Sedan).

The NMS will feature a de-rigueur (For Americans) gasoline V6 and more importantly a TDi Diesel with DSG. What it won’t have is the high levels of running refinement and noise, vibration, and harshness suppression of the next Passat engineered into it, to keep the costs in check. But the good news is that the NMS will be cheaper than the Passat and will be aimed squarely at the Japanese duo of Camry and Accord.

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