Volkswagen T-ROC Caught Testing in Europe

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Images of a Volkswagen T-ROC test mule masquerading as a Tiguan have emerged from Europe. This is probably the first time the Volkswagen T-ROC has been caught testing on the streets. It had been showcased as a Concept at Geneva earlier this year.


It is quite cleverly disguised in the form of a Volkswagen Tiguan SUV, but seasoned eyes can spot the somewhat shorter length and wheelbase of the vehicle. We thus conclude that the test mule was engaged in testing the chassis of the Volkswagen T-ROC. These are the early days of testing, and hence the Volkswagen T-ROC could take about two-three years to see the light reflecting off the polished surface of the showrooms.


The Volkswagen T-ROC is just another cog in Volkswagen’s five-strong worldwide SUV machine. Taigun and Tiguan are some of the other cogs, and the Volkswagen T-ROC will slot in between the two. As can be noticed clearly, the Volkswagen T-ROC will have a shorter length of  4,179 mm as compared to Tguan’s 4,433 mm. At a probable kerb weight of about 1420 kgs, the Volkswagen T-ROC will be lighter in comparison to the Tiguan.


The Volkswagen T-ROC will be squatting on Volkswagen’s much-hyped MQB platform. This platform, designed to improve flexibility in the designing stage as well as to reduce costs, will also be the underpinning of the Audi Q1. It is expected that the Volkswagen T-ROC will possess a 2.0 Litre TDI engine beneath its hood. The engine, also found on the Volkswagen Golf, will be tuned to squeeze out 181 bhp of power and 380 Nm of torque. It will be paired to a 7-Speed DSG Automatic gearbox, which will help it to reach a claimed top speed of 210 kmph.

The concept of the Volkswagen T-ROC that was on display at the Geneva Motor Show was equipped with a permanent AWD, and one could switch between its three driving mode options of Street, Offroad and Snow. The Volkswagen T-ROC will battle it out alongside Nissan Juke and the likes as its primary competitors.

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