Range Rover Evoque’s Chinese twin ready to go on sale!

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landwind 1
We know, there must have been one Hindi movie you watched, which features twins and has a plot where the siblings are separated while at the Kumbh Festival in India. Once they grow up, one of them turns out to be the heir to a rich family while the other turns into a dacoit. They look so similar, yet, so different.

landwind 3

Well it turns out, something similar has happened in the automobile world. So this Chinese Auto Maker calls itself ‘LAND WIND’ and makes an exact 1:1 copy of the ‘LAND ROVER’ Evoque, the trouble is, it isn’t a clay model they’re making, but one that has an engine. They have been so lazy, they only managed to replace ‘ROVER’ with ‘WIND’. Calling it the E32 (being lazy again), everything, down to the font on the lettering has been copied. Even the interiors are the same.

landwind 2

They will offer this with a 190 bhp, 2.0 liter engine, offered with a six speed manual or an eight speed auto. This car will be on sale only in China though and will cost 120,000 yuan while the ‘Original’ Evoque costs 528,000 yuan. Some years ago, our very own Bajaj faced a similar situation, when the ‘Pulsar’ was cloned to be called a ‘Gulsar’, making it a real case of “Chandni Chowk to China”.

Source:- Authome.com.cn

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