Volkswagen mulling 2012 WRC entry

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Volkswagen has announced that it will take a final decision by March 2010 on whether it will start competing in the World Rally Championship (WRC) series or not. The board of directors at Volkswagen are still not convinced about the benefits of competing in the championship series. WRC insiders are speculating that the manufacturer will be entering its Scirocco cars from the 2012 season.

Volkswagen’s Chief of Motorsports division, Kris Nissen, told the media that if the manufacturer decides to enter WRC then in his opinion it would need at least a year and half to prepare. He further said that if VW plans to enter WRC then in all probability it would be in 2012 and in order to do that a final decision has to be taken by March next year. When questioned about the speculation regarding VW running its Scirocco in WRC, he said that possibilities of entering a Golf or Polo rally car also exist.

Nissen admitted that Volkswagen has spoken to the FIA and the other manufactures competing in WRC which has given them an idea of the likely expenses involved. Speaking about the WRC series, he commented that it appeals to Volkswagen on many levels but could still be better. He further said that the demands of VW are similar to those of the other manufacturers.

Nissen also told the media that VW would like to see more manufacturers taking part with a maximum of 12 events being organized and the return of high profile rallies like Monte Carlo. He admitted that possibility of making it happen is down to the FIA and other promoters of the motorsport series.

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