Volkswagen Arteon Active Lighting System Illuminates Bends Before Driver Steers Into Them

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Going around the corners after dark is one of the most demanding tasks of driving. They are fractions of a second which matter at night: a section of winding country road, a bend in a residential area with poor road lighting – and there might be an obstacle in the dark somewhere ahead.

The Arteon is the first Volkswagen to offer a dynamic cornering light with new predictive control functionality. The LED dual headlights illuminate the upcoming bend up to two seconds sooner: before the vehicle is even steered into it. The Arteon’s new lighting system develops these ‘corner sensing’ powers by networking with the front camera and the navigation system.

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The gran turismo comes with LED headlights for the dipped and main beams as standard. The top versions – the Arteon Elegance and Arteon R-Line – also feature Light Assist automatic main beam control, a camera-based system which automatically turns the main beam on and off in response to oncoming traffic. These two models can optionally be fitted with the Active Lighting System.

The Active Lighting System utilises LED dual headlights with ‘projector lenses’ and integrates, among other functions, Dynamic Light Assist – the dynamically controlled permanent main beam (interactive permanent main beam as functional extension of Light Assist) – and the ‘dynamic cornering light’. The latter steers the headlights into bends according to steering angle using headlight modules with variable control.

New Volkswagen Arteon Comes Equipped With Emergency Assist

Interesting. We hope to see the technology being passed to other Volkswagen models too in the future but it is likely to come at a steep price tag. What do you have to say about the Volkswagen Arteon’s Active Lighting System? Let us know your views through the comments section below.

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