Video: Watch this Yamaha R15 try to keep up (in vain) with a Bajaj Pulsar CS 400 test mule

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Bajaj Pulsar CS400 (55)

Guys, I’m really tired of reporting Bajaj Pulsar CS 400 spots, and this must be my 987th article on the same topic. So I promise that this would be the last until the production-spec motorcycle is actually revealed in a few months, or when the actual specifications come along.

Anyways, if you want a lowdown of the fastest Pulsar yet, here are our observations from a spotting that’ll hopefully clear all the air for now.

But this one’s a video, so at least the content is dynamic. It’s about a guy on a Yamaha R15 encountering a CS 400 test mule on the ‘Old Highway’ (Pune-Mumbai), just before Talegaon. He doesn’t realise what’s riding alongside, until Bajaj’s test rider gives it the beans and leaves our camera guy for the dead on his shrieking Yamaha.

Pulsar CS 400 vs Yamaha R15

Now, the Yamaha R15’s 17-bhp strong 150 cc engine is no match for the upcoming Bajaj Pulsar CS 400’s alleged 375 cc engine, but the POV video gives some perspective of the CS 400’s performance – it won’t be pedestrian. The video also shows how the riding stance of the upcoming Bajaj will be more easy going and upright than the KTM Duke 390 it’ll presumably share its running gear with.

Towards the end of the video, the rider says “Ahead of me, there’s a fight going on between the CS 400 and the (Yamaha) R3”. Now, that’d be interesting. Watch it yourself:


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  • Kiran says:

    Haha i can see what bajaj is trying to here. First it was KTM duke and now R15. Even the mirror is closed to hide the rider I guess. Good early marketing Bajaj.

  • Yam_Hon_Suz_Baj_Her says:

    Bullshit…Doesn’t make sense. More like Moto3 vs Moto2 vs MotoGP…
    hey guys, watch this Pulsar 150 try to keep up (in vain) with a Pulsar 180
    hey guys, watch this Yamaha R15 try to keep up (in vain) with a Yamaha R3
    hey guys, watch this CBR 150R try to keep up (in vain) with a CBR 250R
    Cmon motoroids….have always had a respect for you guys..Don’t spoil it…