VIDEO: Watch this autonomous tractor do its thing while being controlled through a tablet



This Autonomous Tractor Concept, conceived by CNH International, is a driver-less workhorse that’ll happily do your chores without your physical intervention. Well, almost. It can be remotely controlled through a tablet; that means it will do whatever you tell it to do, except you’ll be chilling in the shade with a lemonade at your elbow, only exercising your fingers. An array of sensors on the tractor sends real time data of the farm to the farmer through a dedicated software. From the comfort of his home, the farmer can then set its trajectory, assign it paths and give it tasks. The software works on a handheld tablet as well, in case the farmer’s busy on site doing other tasks.

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CNH says that it’ll reduce operator fatigue, while also freeing up skilled resources that can be deployed elsewhere. Also, it can allow 24-hour work cycles, thus increasing productivity significantly. The Autonomous Tractor can even work in tandem with other equipment like a combined harvester, thus letting the farmer multi-task as he supervises it while controlling other equipment. The Autonomous Tractor Concept can be either had with or without a cab. The latter offers both manual and automatic controls, letting the farmer do the complicated stuff himself and letting the tractor do the conventional farming work.

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