Video: Watch this hilarious bike commercial from Bangladesh


pegasus bangladeh

What the hell did we just see?

Watch Mr. Liam Neeson wannabe here, rescue a blonde child from the clutches of a band of terribly under-equipped baddies stationed somewhere in a mall parking lot in Dhaka, using every trick in the book. His ride – a Pegasus single cylinder commuter.

pegasus bangladeh 2

Our superhero, “Ananda”(or whoever) appears to be on a vigilant patrol on his Pegasus, when he gets a call from the villain, a cheap Pete Postlethwaite knock-off (of The Usual Suspects fame), demanding some godforsaken “code” in 30 seconds. Else, he’d happily slay the teddy bear hugging girl child. Our dude turns back, helmet-less, riding like the wind, splitting lanes through Dhaka traffic, which apparently is littered with Audis.

What happens next is a Transporter-like rescue mission, and is for you peeps to behold, then fall off your chairs. What’s more, he even gets featured on Time magazine and hold a patriotic press conference afterwards. Lord!

As for the bike, we didn’t bother to find out much. Watch the commercial below:

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  • Nirjhar says:

    Hey there,
    I found your article very offensive, I agree they don’t have better shooting gears or props or even bike for that matter,…They are trying to copy Hollywood style promo tricks,…..But who is not trying to copy Holldywood,….not to mention Bollywood….Copy cat of Holly most of the time,…same party culture, same drug culture, same sex culture,….we going Hell …following USA..

    We must invent our own stlyes and explore our own themes,technology…and needs…


  • Anirudh says:

    Well he was wearing a helmet. As to the rest of the commercial it’s nothing compared to our Tollywood heroes antics.