VIDEO: Triumph Motorcycles introduces Limited Edition Rocket X in India at Rs 22.21 lakh

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Triumph Motorcycles - RocketX - Limited Edition

Limited Edition Triumph Rocket X

The Triumph Rocket III power cruiser has entered the 10th year of production and the British two-wheeler brand is celebrating the occasion with the introduction of the Limited Edition Rocket X motorcycle. Launched in 2004, the Rocket III has the largest displacement engine of any mass production motorcycle. The very limited edition Rocket X receives a custom paint scheme created by custom paint specialists 8 Ball. The depth of the gloss Jet Black paint contrasting with the ‘grinded’ polished metal stripe, Triumph logo, and Rocket X emblems offer a sense of solidity that truly befits this machine.

The tank and mudguards are stripped completely back and then undergo a ‘grind’ effect that provides unique shapes into the bare metal. The tank stripes and logo are lined and then follows the painting process when craftsmen apply a Jet Black base layer, followed by a clear coat layer. After leaving two days for the paint to rest and cure, a total of six layers of lacquer are applied using ultra-high solid paint. The paintwork is then polished and again left for two days to cure. Second polishing is then applied to provide a smooth finish.

Triumph Motorcycles - RocketX - Limited Edition - 2

Vying for attention with the custom paint and 2.3-litre engine is the black exhaust system. The twin-skinned full exhaust system is coated with high-temperature resistance paint. A black flyscreen shrouds the chrome-ringed instruments for a better visual presentation. The overall look is further enhanced with the addition of black finishing to the handlebars, mirrors, gear, and brake levers. The Rocket’s signature 5-spoke aluminium alloy wheels have also received the black treatment and are finished off with a hand painted pinstripe. Finally, the oil tank mounted Rocket X badge is machined from a billet of solid aluminium using a CNC milling machine adding an exquisite premium finish.

There are no changes to the machine mechanically. The 2,294cc three-cylinder engine delivers 221Nm of torque at just 2750 rpm which helps the Rocket X deliver acceleration in any gear at any revs. The Rocket X has priced at Rs. 22,21,200 Lakh ex-showroom New Delhi and is limited to 500 units. Every one of the limited runs of 500 motorcycles will feature side panel badging and unique numbering. You better rush to your nearest dealership.

Triumph Motorcycles - RocketX - Limited Edition - 1

Side panel badging with unique numbering

Check out the limited edition Triumph Rocket X in this video. Do share your views about this limited edition power cruiser with us through the comments:

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