Video: These two incidents will tell you why intersections in India are really scary

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It is an undisputed fact that driving in India is risky business. Our driving habits have made our roads so notorious, we top the list for the number of road related deaths in the world. These two videos are perfect examples of that behavior, where innocents had to bear the brunt for someone else’s mistake.

While a lot among us fail to respect traffic lights even when they’re there, there still are junctions and intersections on our roads, particularly on highways, where these lights just don’t exist. People have to either pray really hard, or have utmost faith in their luck that they would escape to the other side, safe and sound. But when lightning strikes, it has to hit the ground somewhere. In the first video, a Creta driver is seen turning right at an intersection, on what looks like a highway, without even stopping to see what’s approaching from the other side. Eventually, the poor soul in the Swift Dzire finds a huge rabbit in the form of the Hyundai, and is unable to brake in time. It wasn’t his mistake, but we’re sure that after this incident, he’ll be more careful when approaching intersections, allowing himself some buffer to factor in someone else’s carelessness. We hope you do that too.

In this second footage from elsewhere, feeling indestructible, a motorcyclist tries to casually cuts across through a busy highway, even when it can be clearly seen that there’s fast approaching traffic on the other side. Trying to avoid him, the driver in the Swift has to swerve left, when he eventually hits a pole, turns turtle, and comes to a halt next to a Xylo in a parking lot. In both incidents, people who weren’t at fault have suffered. Their only mistake, they thought all road users in India are sensitive towards others. Make sure you don’t do that.

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