VIDEO: Samsung Safety Truck has four screens at the rear that helps approaching vehicles during overtaking

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Samsung Safety Truck - 5

Overtaking long vehicles is a dangerous, life threatening task especially when you are riding/driving on a single lane road. It is near impossible to see what danger lies beyond the slow moving piece of mass rolling on over eight wheels. One of the countries suffering the most from road accidents is Argentina where statistics suggest that almost one person dies in a traffic accident every hour. These accidents mainly take place when people attempt to overtake other vehicles, especially large trucks.

Samsung Safety Truck - 2

So, in a country with hundreds of one-lane roads, South-Korean multinational conglomerate incorporated technology into their trucks and introduced the Samsung Safety Truck for safer journeys. The Samsung Safety Trucks are equipped with a built-in wireless camera at the front and four outdoor monitors placed at the rear that offer a view of the road and status of oncoming vehicles ahead of the multi-axle vehicle. Vehicles approaching from behind can get a clear view of the road ahead for the truck and can safely overtake without putting any lives in danger.

Here is the video of Samsung Safety Truck in action:

We would really like to see such technology incorporated on almost all the trucks. What about you? Share your views about the Samsung Smart Trucks with us through the comments section below.

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Samsung Safety Truck – 5
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Samsung Safety Truck – 2
Samsung Safety Truck – 1

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  • Roman says:

    Genius! How much will it cost to equip a truck with these devices?

  • Narayanan says:

    Simply brilliant. Our lorry guys use manual approach of hand signalling which is helpful when they are overtaken on correct side and quite unreliable when on wrong side. 😉