Video: Rider Using Phone Gets Swallowed By a Road That’s Almost Alive


Enough has been said about the perils of using the phone while riding or driving. Enough men and women have lost their lives and limbs with holding the wheel / handlebar and phone at the same time. Smartphones, however, are addictive and people tend to think that it’s no big deal using the phone while operating an automobile. It’s not without reason, though, that using a phone is considered one of the biggest offences while driving. While innumerable instances of people have been recorded suffering injuries or even death owing to their casual view on the issue, this latest video from China makes you think if the road opened its mouth to swallow and punish the scooter rider who was looking into his phone while riding.

Watch the video, it’s almost like a message from heavens above to pay attention while being on the road. If only the scooter rider wasn’t busy with his phone, he would have spotted the sinkhole, braked in time and saved himself the trouble.

The surveillance footage was caught by Chinese broadcaster CGTN. It was ascertained that the scooter rider was using his phone when he fell into the sinkhole. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt, but it’s a dangerous sight to see him go down the sinkhole, nonetheless.

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