VIDEO: This wicked Tesla shocks everything in its way with its electric power

A Tesla P100D takes on conventionally powered monsters in a quarter mile race and shames all their spark plugs with its electric power


The Tesla Model S is one of the fastest accelerating production cars on the planet. In fact, the Model S P100D with its Ludicrous mode is the third fastest accelerating production car ever produced, with a 0-100 kph time of 2.5 seconds. Where this is a family car anyone could walk into a Tesla showroom and buy, the other two fast cars are the LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder, both produced in limited numbers, are super exclusive and cost a fortune. While those cars are small two seaters with very little luggage space, the pure electric, all-wheel drive Model S P100D has four doors, seats up to 5 adults plus 2 children and has additional cargo capacity.


In this video, a stripped down P100D takes on heavily modded conventional machinery and comes out tops every single time. In fact, even when it has to go down against petrol for a rematch, its motors simply mince everything that runs on gasoline. When it has to go against a Godzilla, the owner wipes off all the rubbish from the tyres and shoves two electric cables in the monster’s nose. An electric future doesn’t appear to be boring at all then.

Note: We do not encourage racing on the streets and this video has only been featured to highlight what an electric car can do.


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