[VIDEO] Rhys Millen Drifting on the Streets of Washington


Ken Block and drifting have become a synonym for some drifting enthusiasts. Not many people know about Rhys Millen. Now, before the Global Rallycross race taking place this weekend in Washington, Red Bull has released a video to build the excitement.


Here is the video : Head over to Youtube if the video isn’t visible.


In the video, precision driver Rhys Millen can be seen driving with a convoy in his highly modded Hyundai Veloster. As the video progresses, you can seen him drifting through the streets of Washington. He passes through a number of landmarks, including the White House, Capitol Hill and Washington Monument while eventually arriving at the RFK stadium.


Although the exact details of the modification done to this Veloster aren’t disclosed, Hyundai had earlier stated that the powertrain includes a 1.6 litre engine mated to an optimized ECU, fed by a larger turbocharger, wastegate control system and an XTRAC central differential. An aerodynamic kit and rally suspension have also been added on the car.

As it was obvious, people compared this to Ken Block’s Gymkhana series on the world wide web. What do you think about this video ? Do let us know your thoughts by penning them down in the comments section below.

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