Video: For all the people who think Goldwings cannot corner


We sometimes come across people who say they ‘Drive’ bikes. We try to suggest them, it’s riding a bike and driving a car. An exception can be made if someone shows up on a Honda Goldwing and says he drove it all the way. The bike for it’s proportions, is as big or even bigger than some cars and we wouldn’t be surprised if there is an all new category for people who ride these machines called, ‘Mahouts'( Captain who pilots an Elephant). The motorcycle or if you can still call it that, comes fitted with, heated seats, an audio system, a navigation system, a living room and a kitchen.

Browsing through ‘Youtube’, we came across one such driver, err, rider. The guy seems to be so good that if there was ever a racing series made for cruiser bikes, this guy will be the Marc Marquez of his field. His control over that ‘Couch’ on wheels is almost unbelieveable. Makes us think, those heated seats have become too hot for him to ride like that or this could be a pizza delivery guy, who is having a field day on his boss’ Goldwing. The video is old and the quality not so great, but you can still hear those pegs scraping.

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